Attendance For Tonight

8) Anyone heard any news regarding the anticipated attendance for tonight's game ??
  With a share of 1st. place on the line, and against a hated rival, along with a beautiful weather forecast, you would 
   think it should be close to a sellout !!

    However there still seems to be a lot of good tickets available.  
    Anything less than 25,000 would be a real slap in the face to this team, at this point of the season !!

My ticket rep told me it should be a decent crowd, around 26,000. Hopefully the nice weather brings a good walk-up crowd.

Well there will be the 22k regulars and I think they sold a bunch of cheap $10 tickets so add however many fit into sections 5&9...

I don't see this game drawing any causal people to the game outside of sections 5&9 there because of cheap tix.

Ticket reps always say its going to be a decent crowd, LOL!

Not when you know him/her on a personal level.

looks like over 27,000

Announced attendance was 23,268, according to Drew, well short of 26,000.

I'm surprised it was that low considering that a first place tie was on the line...

And Hamilton fans are not very forgiving when there is a lack of concerted effort like tonight.
Hopefully this loss won't affect attendance for the last two games, but it won't help.

I'm not too surprised that attendance wasn't higher, because as you say, there have been "efforts" like the ones we have seen tonight.

Too many times, those going to games have had to pay good money to see games like those. I thought sitting through tonight's game without having to pay to do so was hard enough.

I'm not really surprised. The more I learn about TiCats fans, the more it seems like the Ballard Cup matters more to them than the Grey Cup does.

No way there was near 23,000.

I'd say closer to 19. Lots (and I mean lots) of empty seats on the south side.

A tad harsh, no? At least not with the folks on this board...maybe the most passionate fanbase there is!

Oski Wee Wee,


They where lucky to have 20 thousand there, so much for personally knowing your rep! :lol:

Yeah, it's a bit harsh, and somewhat tongue in cheek, but not entirely.

I was disappointed in the crowd response at the Saskatchewan and Montreal @Hamilton games I went to last year (among others). It was my first year going to games, and I had heard a lot about how passionate TiCat fans are. I was expecting a lot more, but it didn't feel to me like many people in the stands realized or cared that the TiCats were playing against teams they would have to beat if they wanted to win the Grey Cup.

On the other hand, it seems like everybody loses their voices at the Argos @ Ham games, even if the games don't matter much in the standings. Obviously the 100+ year rivalry is going to bring out the passion, but I would've expected some of that passion to come out when the TiCats were playing the best teams, and it didn't.

The level of passion I saw at the games did not match the level of passion I see on this board.

8) Actually there is only 1 remaining home game left !!!
 Thank goodness for that fact.  Paying good money to watch crap like that, is getting a little tiresome !!

  The sad thing is, most of the people that were streaming out of the stadium early last night, felt the same way !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->