Attendance for todays game?

Anyone have an idea of the expected attendance today? I hope there is a lot of walk on sales. It would be nice to get about 23 000. That would be a good crowd for today.

bad start time.
day shift can"t go
afternoon shift can"t go

that`s too bad biggie. Maybe you can listen to it on the radio?

Not to mention fisherville fun day!

Right I missed that to but the beer tent is open late :thup: :thup:

First year ive wanted to get sprayed by the firetruck!!!

I was there, but, I didn't hear them announce the attendance, what was the final number. It looked like maybe a smidge over 20K. What was the actual number?

That is a poor turnout and especially for the Cats team that is awesome this year.
Wake up people in the Hammer.

just over 20,800 heard on 5th qtr

Wake up people in the Hammer.
It was because of the weather forecast. I know 7 people that stayed home because they thought they'd be watching the game in a thunder storm.

It might not have been a large crowd, but I haven't heard Ivor Wynne that loud in years. It was rocking, especially near the end while we had to make sure the Riders didn't score, or else we would've been too far behind.

I took the bus from University Plaza in Dundas. A couple got on the bus, mentioning something to the bus driver about the letter to the editor in the Spec about the restrictions on umbrellas and how stupid it was when rain was being forecast. While waiting for the bus to leave, it started raining and the couple decided to get off because they didn't want to sit in the stadium and get soaked.

While entering the stadium, someone behind me was told that they couldn't bring in their umbrella and would have to take it back to the car. In my case, the car would have been back in University Plaza. Maybe the Tiger Cats management should realize that not everybody logs on to this website to determine what is OK and what is not OK to be brought in. They just clarified it on the website that small travel umbrellas are now OK but it didn't say that originally and again, it only shows on this website. Maybe it should be put on the tickets. I realize that most fans (me included) do not like people with umbrellas in the stands but if it keeps people from coming to games, it should be reconsidered. Being told that you have to basically throw away an expensive umbrella (weapon?) may get someone a little perturbed and think twice about returning to another game.

You don't bring an umbrella to a football game. You just don't. It doesn't matter if it is allowed or not - it is extremely inconsiderate to people behind you. Spend five bucks on a poncho or rain suit for cripes sake. The universe doesn't revolve around your dry butt.

8) They may have sold that many tickets, but the fans that showed up I would estimate was more like 18,000 at most !!!!! :roll:

Me and a couple of other people that sit near me tried to back a pickup up to the gate about 4 hours before game time to unload a load of pressure-treated we were going to use to build a pergola above our seats. We figured, rain or shine, why sit out there in the open when we could sit under a fancy pergola.

Anyway, the guards were having none of it and they sent us packing. I don't understand - the Cats say they want to create a comfortable, family friendly atmosphere, but what is more comfortable and family friendly than a nice pressure-treated pergola?

It was 30 degrees out. Do people also not take showers cause they're so scared of getting wet?

By the way Section8, you were robbed. If only this were America you could have sued big time.

Sure would be nice if all them fans wearing green yesterday would lower themselves to get a season ticket and come to all the games. They might like it!

This year the announced attendance
is exactly that, Tip, tickets sold,

whether the ticket purchaser is
in attendance at the game or not.