Attendance for Saturday vs Eskimos???

Any word if it is sold out yet or what the attendance is so far, see ya all there, should be a good one!!!!!

I just tried online - searched a pair of tix, best available - nada. Anywhere. They're down to singles. So, she's a sellout, folks.

I heard on the radio tonight that 27,000 tickets have been sold. So ya it will definately be a sell out.'s official, press release confirms a sellout as of this morning.....21,000 already sold for Sept. 22 vs. BC.....

Hehehe....a sellout, a Saturday night,'s gonna be an absolute freak show.

Congrats Riders,a home attendance increase of nearly 4000 from last year, we're also looking at a potential string of sellouts, thank you ET and Austin for bringing faith and pride back to Riderville, Riders by 9......GO RIDERS

well aint that original jm02, goodone

sarcasm? :?