attendance for sask game

Just heard on cknw from dawlywall that there are already close to 29,000 sold for thursady,lions are expecting close to 34,000 for this game,way to go lions fans,being on a thursday and with the warm weather.

We'll give Rider fans some credit as well with this being their only visit to the dome this season.

Thursday nights aren't good for the Lions but pick your poison given the other option is Friday night of a long weekend with it being the busiest holiday time of the year and everyone heading out of town.

I would still like to see 7 p.m. starts given how late the games go . Against Hamilton it ended at nearly 11 p.m. on a Thursday night!

Don't hear anyone complaining about the Canucks playing at 7 and their games are usually done before 9:30.

That is true there are a lot of rider fan's in this province.As for the long weekend, i think it is so smart to have this game on thursday as friday would be a zoo downtown and saturday people are gone out of town, but me personally wants to see the lions play at home on sat nights except for long weekend and fireworks night, and not conficting with the canucks in the fall, on sat too.

Yes, there will be lots of Rider fans at this game. I remember seeing lots of Green in the stands in previous years.

Hey everyone just heard today that lions have sold 33,000 as of today maybe we could get 37,000 on cknw.

Then they should LIFT the black out because this is getting STUPID. 2nd home game in a row there has been a black out. For me as a new fan to the CFL and haveing your teams home games blacked out is not a good way to grow your fan base