Attendance For Next Game

8) Considering that Montreal is usually a poor draw in Hamilton, what do you estimate that our actual attendance (Not Paid) will be for this next game ???
   Considering that it has the definite potential to be another blowout game, I just wonder how many Cat fans have the intestinal fortitude to put themselves through it  !!!       <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

   I think that this team will go winless for the rest of this season, and since they are already giving away tickets for the last home game to season ticket holders, it doesn't bode well for decent attendance  !!

   My estimate would be, 14,000, and that is being very generous  !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Its gonna be ugly... no other way to describe it.

However it'll be like the old days with no lineups for food or washrooms, no problem with traffic after the game, no problem finding parking before... It really is sad that its come to this....

Unfortunately its the price you pay for thinking you need to rebuild when all you needed to do was re-tool (After Marshall was fired and Lancaster finished the season). We had the talent here to at least be a playoff team.... imagine adding Printers Setta and Moreno to the team that had Peterson, Flick, Wayne Smith, Lumsden, Armour, Cody and Goss?

This team isnt THAT bad but it didnt have to be this way. As ive said since Labour Day, Apathy has set in and thats when its serious trouble.

8) How right you are on all points Crash !!
  I agree with the apathy part also, and that is the real scary part of things  !!!

After the botched FG last week i didnt get mad, i laughed and walked to my car... didnt seem to matter because im used to it.

Last night i laughed the entire game, didnt get upset, and tried to figure out how hard it is to give up essentially 12 sacks in one game.

Apathy, i really dont get upset anymore.

Offensive play calling in the 3rd and 4th quarters cost us games (lack of screen, swing, or dump passes to the best RB tantums in the league). Instead we watch sack after sack or rushed passes from Printers, Ritchie, and now Porter. Montreal fans were right about Bellefeuille. Hiring Obie was a given, but why did we hire Bellefeuille? Anyone able to answer that one? Didn't think so. Just look at his play calling and record with the Als and Riders. Huge mistake.

I'll say 13,000.
...and, when Bob took over the team, I never, ever, ever, ever, envisioned that we'd see crowds like this again.

And its a real bummer. I have my tickets for Montreal, but honestly, I really don't feel like going. I will, but I'm not at all looking forward to it.

For that one year...when Marshall was was coaching, it was a blast going down to the stadium. The place was nearly 100% full -- it was loud and had atmosphere. We were competitive. The Labour Day game (....that stupid OT tie..if I'm thinkin of the right year) was just a fantastic game. Was fun to be a fan.

What I really worry about is that apathy is going to be in full force next year. Right now, people are just angry. That will wear off.

What also worries me is that the young fan who's 16 going on 17 (arguably on the cusp of the most culturally influential age bracket) were 12 years old when we last made the playoffs. Likely, they've turned on the NFL, MLS or something else instead. And, when sport-following decisions are made at this age, they're very hard to break. So...bye-bye generation of fans.

I really just don't want another decade like the '90's where the team is constantly begging people to show up to the stadium, or risk folding. I thought those days were over.

People need to alter their perception of what going to a game, whatever sport, is all about. Take going to the shopping mall with the wife say and where you really don't want to go. You go though, part of the marriage thing, and maybe she ends up in a store for 1/2 hour looking at sweaters or undies whatever. You're bored as heck so you say I'll meet you in an hour at this location in the mall and you wander the mall and actually end up enjoying the outing.

People, going to a game is an outing out of the house, to a place you love going to, the stadium, arena. Sure, you want your team to win but this is not wrestling. Make the best of it and enjoy, if your team is getting killed watch how the other team really does things well etc. It still beats just sitting on the couch at home all the time or pulling out weeds all the time. If you have to have your team win for you to enjoy, your in the wrong business as a sports fan. All we can expect is that this organization is trying to win and put out a good effort and they are, but learning how to win is difficult.

Take sports and the TiCats or whatever team and league and sport you like a bit less seriously - and enjoy life. Too many whiners in this world. If it's a chore for you to go to the game, don't go. No threats here about the team folding or whatever. If the team folds in the future, it's not the end of the world and really it's not that important, don't make it out to be that important. Maybe the CFL will fold, maybe all Canadian NHL teams will fold, maybe the Blue Jays will fold, maybe soccer will become so huge football folds etc. Not important. Attitude adjustment. Have fun. 8)

Good post, Earl.
Hated reading it...but, can't argue with any of it.

i have been trying to figure out a way to say that all season and u got it bang on … people need to stop whining and enjoy themselves … cuz if they dont whats the point in going … people need to relax its a game and its not like most of the people complaining could do any better then what is happening on the field

All good points in this thread ... it really is a shame that things have transpired the way they have the last few years.

I tend to side with earl on this one. As I have stated numerous times in this forum, I am first and foremost a CFL fan. Of course, it is always more enjoyable to attend a game where the crowd is large and happy but this is still our game and I love it. There are few experiences that rival a game day at Ivor Wynne stadium and I hope to transmit the same appreciation I have for our game to my children.

It is a fine line between supporting a team and wasting money on a losing proposition ... but, I still find myself attending these games whenever possible.

Despite all the micro debates, and general negativity towards the team right now ... the big picture remains the same ... Hamilton is but one team in this quaint, truly Canadian League called the CFL.

I'm not about to predict Saturday's attendance - I just plan on being one of the few (if not proud) fans in the stands.


montreal gots to lose sometime. they are not the pats ya know.

oh yeah, even the pats finally lost.


And its a real bummer. I have my tickets for Montreal, but honestly, I really don't feel like going. I will, but I'm not at all looking forward to it.


I got my tix too but if the Cats don't make the game, I'm lookign forward to just enjoying it more. No pressure, no stress... just beer and football :thup:

Have to agree with most of that.

That's how I've dealt with the frustration of being a Cats fan for years - when it gets to be a chore I just take a game off. A game a year, a few games a year, whatever it takes. Never to sit at home and scowl at the game on TV, but to go out and drink myself silly or see a movie or eat a side of beef. And not to tape it on the PVR and scowl at it later - if I consciously decide to miss it, I miss it win or lose.

Sometimes they lose and I'm happy I did something else instead, sometimes they win and I get an appreciation for what I missed. It just helps to keep things in perspective.

And as far as the size of the crowd, I don't worry about that. It doesn't give me smug satisfaction that the crowd is dwindling, and it doesn't give me worries for the future either. The team has been awful and the crowds reflect that. And when they get good the crowds will get better. Unless they don't. My tickets are paid for - the rest is out of my hands.

Yup, my tickets are paid for too section as a season ticket holder, we make 75-90 percent of the games, depending.

The wife and me are actually quite fine with low crowds, last game we didn't have anyone near us, it was actually kind of nice stretching out your legs fully and leaning back on the bench behind you. Albeit the organization probably doesn't like this obviously. :wink:

Maybe they should charge extra for the seats in the sections with lots of empty seats - all that leg and elbow room has got to worth a premium price. :wink:

Good God! section8, don’t give them any ideas.

People,all I read is don’t go stay home.For the last couple of years since Bob has taken over all I’ve read is we need younger players better coaches a new GM.Well you got them,(head coach)didn’t work out but the team IS IMPROVING…I grew up in the Hamilton area had season tickets for acouple of years until I moved to the Sarnia area(work in the chemical valley)I AM A LOYALFAN OF THE TICATS AND THE CFL.I take alot of ribbing for this everyone hear loves the nfl.
You can’t build a team overnight,you got young DB who most of them are americans who never played our game until they came here,bigger field(longer wider) unlimited motion and almost every team had a veteran QB to pick them apart for a season or 2.The team got young QB’s and then signed a veteran and because they didn’t win you scream to get rid of them(sound like some socalled fans to the east of Hamilton).This year started of the same no wins but does anyone notice they are not getting blown away by 30 or 40 pts.(maybe once or twice)but they are improving give them a chance.Did you give up on your kids trying to teach them to skate when they would fall down or did you help them back up and encourage them.
Now a disappointing game againist BC and “I don’t want to go this Sat.” Hear 's your chance not only to show your support for your team but for a player who was part of the HISTORY you people talk about
Anglo played with pride and respect,when his career was done he stayed here became apart of the community,is aproud supporter and spokesperon for the team and the league.
All’s I can say if you don’t get off your sorry little fanny’s and go and support this team and player:
DON’T COMPLAIN IF THE FRANCHISE MOVES to a city that wants a pro team, how many do we have in Hamilton.

Saturday is traditionally a weak draw. Add in Montreal, and you will see maybe 14,000 in the stands.

The last home game (Calgary) will be a bigger draw, due to ticket redemptions, as well as the Cats office is mailing season ticket holders freebies for this game.

I didn't say I don't buy tickets, I just said I don't go to all the games when I've got nothing good to say about the team. I figure the money I saved by buying a season ticket more than covers the money I throw away by wasting a ticket or two in particularly trying years.

If the alternative is to let it eat my guts until I explode on the 5th Q or this forum, I'll choose wasting a ticket or two anytime. As long as my tickets are paid for, the club probably doesn't even notice I'm not there.

8) You are so right "section8since72". People that have seasons tickets have every right not to attend any games they don't want to. We have paid for our tickets before the season even started, so you can be sure the team could care less if you attend the games or not !!! They already have our Money !!
No need for any of us to feel guilty at all  !!!