Attendance figures !

Well done Edmonton , still had good numbers despite a tough year ! Calgary annd Sask. very strong as well !

Att averages

EDM 35 025
CGY 30 715
SK 30 048
WPG 26 083
MTL 25 012
BC 24 327
HAM 23 890
TOR 22 050

I'm surprised Hamilton was that low, despite their slow start.
Sadly, low attendance in Toronto is never a surprise...

Quick calculations on my behalf has the per game average at 27,144.

Last year's average is 22532, so this year's is a 6% improvement over that.

I was hoping for more of an improvement. Two years of good solid football in Steeltown should easily bring in 25k I thought.

Try 20%
Roughly same amount that Montreal increased its stadium capacity

Hamilton's average last year was 22523. Hamilton's average this year is 23890. 23890/22523=1.06=106% (rounded to the nearest whole number). Therefore, Hamilton's attendance has increased by 6% since last year.

Sorry, I thought the 22k was the league average

You'd think that, but Hamiltonians are incredibly demanding as far as on player performance and are incredibly slow to forget, especially given the stint from 2002-2008, especially in 2003, going 1-17-0. Hopefully we can actually build the new stadium and keep the numbers up. I'm honestly hoping we sellout this playoff game and the team can break even for once.

As a side note, I love how the plague and the birdies average attendance is the capacity of their stadium.

BC will be higher next year.
Toronto is also a bit mis-leading because they're actually not inflated like in the past.
All in all still very good numbers. Attendance is slightly down, but tv ratings are very very strong.

As far as Toronto is concerned, I have no idea how or why the Argos justify those prices for tickets in a stadium with incredibly excessive capacity. Seriously, 52,230 seats and they are charging pretty much the CFL average, with no youth or seniors discounts (as far as I can tell). I heard though that the Roger's Centre gets the concession revenue so that might be why.

Here's an article to back up the tv numbers! I think some time we really underestimate the popularity and the impact CFL fans can have on the sports landscape.

[url=] ... &yyyy=2010[/url]

I was curious so I crunched some numbers…

In 2010 the CFL averaged 27,144 per game, so on an average week 0.326% of Canadians attended a CFL game.
In 2009 the CFL averaged 28,461 per game, so on an average week 0.342% of Canadians attended a CFL game.

In 2009 the NFL averaged 67,506 per game, so on an average week 0.352% of Americans attended an NFL game.

Surprisingly close.

interesting numbers, but I wouldn't look at them and think, oh hey americans are 'bigger' football fans (just in case that thought came to anyones mind, it did for me). So I did a little research too. Every NFL city except Green Bay has over one million residents (including area) and almost half of the Cities have over 4 million - according to wiki. As well, the USA has over twice as much population per team (taking total population and dividing it into # of teams) These numbers aren't exact either be I think it is something to ponder about! :smiley:

Close , only because most NFL games are sold out and people can't get tickets ! Besides SK and MTL ,getting tickets isn,t hard !

Football in the States is # 1 in Canada #4 and maybe even lower ! In Canada we say hockey is a relegion , well same with football in the states ! They get 20 000 for HIGH School football ! I got a chance to go to Nebraska this year , WOW ! 87 000 people ! The tailgate alone is something awesome ! We are not even in the same world ! The game itself was boring and I much prefer the Canadian game ! The Atmosphere is awesome and it,s like that for every game for the last 30 years ! That's why I laugh when they ask certain players who played in front of 80 000 in college, are they nervous in front of 30 000 in Canada. All our best athletes play hockey and in the States it,s football ! Not sure why we are always trying to measure up to the NFL? We should appreciate our game and the athletes that play in the CFL !

No love for Bomber attendance with the dismal record?

Must be the Roughies that came down for Banjo Bowl :twisted:

Great season all! Good luck in the playoffs.

[quote="mpdid"]No love for Bomber attendance with the dismal record?

Must be the Roughies that came down for Banjo Bowl :twisted:

Great season all! Good luck in the playoffs.[/quote

4TH best in the league isnt that bad considering the last 2 years! What is Hamilton, Toronto and BC s excuses ?

So are your saying football in Canada is less popular than basketball and soccer or curling or lacrosse? LOL it felt very funny writing that!

As a spectator sport, I don't think it would be absurd to guess that football is #2 after hockey. In terms of participation, though, football doesn't rank so high. According the chart on page 30 of this article ( ... 60-eng.pdf), it looks football is the 15th most popular participation sporting or athletic activity amongst people 15 and over, and 12th among men 15 and over, 8th most popular sport, and 6th most popular team sport (maybe 7th if you include doubles tennis as a team sport).