Attendance dropping

Herb is reporting that attendance has been down for every successive home games this season.

If that's the case (I can't check because Orridge has removed about every useful piece of information from the website).

This is going to be a very big problem very quickly for the owner.

Well, nothing else has made him fire Popp, so maybe dwindling attendance will do it. I'll take a year of half-filled home games if it means Popp walks the plank in the offseason.

It has gone down the last couple of games....couple hundred each game but the last 2 games have been during Quebec's construction Holiday. Something like 60% of people are on vacation last week and this week

I am off this week but last week my 1 hour commute to and from work dropped to about 20 minutes.

The next game will be a better indicator

19,000 plus last night, the smallest crowd of the regular season.

Just a few short years ago, you couldn't find any empty seats. I know that they expanded to 25k capacity, but as I recall they had 5,000 on the waiting list. Wow how things have changed!

Attendance for the first 4 homes games"

Game against Ottawa: 21,522

Game against Hamilton: 20,098

Game against Saskatchewan: 20,018

Game against BC: 19,125


Thanks Richard.

So based on the sampling (half a season), they've lost 10 percent of their fan base.

More accurately, Steve Daniel (Head Statistician of the CFL) implemented a new stats system this year because the old system was obsolete. One of the benefits is the public will be able to access more comprehensive stats going back years. As most of the numbers are not in digital form, data has to be entered by hand. Process just takes time, but they will eventually get it done.

Very interesting that attendance was down even after we pasted SSK at home. That tells me fans are seeing through Popp and Wetenhall's act.

The game against SSK was Cahoon's jersey retirement night, drawing just over 20k.

Last season the Als played a home game against the Cats on a Thursday night (July 16) before the construction holiday.
Attendance was 20773.

A Friday night game on July 3rd, attendance 19111.

All remaining home games after the July 16th game, attendance was over 21000 except for the last home game on Sunday November 8 against the Riders. Attendance was 20551.
And for that game, tickets were offered to many schools in the area at 50% off.

Watching the BC game from Montreal it was very clear that the teams fanbase is slipping, although a few wins might change this. We're in our 4th year and, even the attendance was poor at playoff time which was last year or the year before. This season it is likely a miss for a playoff game and, we don't have the Big Owe which, in recent past held upwards of 50 000 fans. I gather that the cost of tickets makes a game expensive for a party of two although, as mentioned school kids can now get a 50% reduction. As noted, a few wins would likely correct this section. Our economy has taken a real dip with the Alberta recession and, unemployment is rising. Unless the team has a huge turnaround this franchise will struggle.