Attendance Demographics

I'm doing a communications class in university. Our final assignment is to create a research proposal. I wanted to look into CFL attendance demographics. It's commonly said that CFL audiences are aging and the league isn't attracting milennials/younger people.

I can't find any hard number on demographics and all I can really find for attendance are figures from CFL DB. Does the league or TSN have any hard numbers for the demographics watching on cable, in person, or through TSN direct?

I've tried to contact the league, but I'm still waiting on a reply

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welcome lemon spread.
I don't have any hard numbers but I see a younger crowd now.
TO, Ottawa, Montreal and Sask all "look" younger to me.

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Agree, those "party decks" in the stadiums aren't for old geezers

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I'm a millennial(1981-1995), who has been to many Ti-Cats games and have seen many other millennials in the audience. It is hard though finding fans outside of a CFL city. Their will also be the odd bar will some CFL memorabilia.

I think the blackouts of the 1990s and inferiority complex of some Canadians has seen the popularity dwindle a bit.


Unfortunately, if he's in university, he's probably writing a paper so anecdotal information is pretty useless.

If you haven't already done so, I would reach out to Olivier Poulin, the Senior Director, Communications & Public Affairs at the Canadian Football League.

Failing that, I am sure any one of the 9 Communications Directors for each club could shed some light on this. They probably have some useful info. Heck, I am willing to bet some of the team Presidents would be willing to help you. Now is about the right time to reach out. It's the off-season (and the 2020 season is in limbo).

Good luck!


It did lead me to including quantitative measurements for my proposal haha. I've tweeted at the league's Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer and the Director of Communications & Public Affairs. I can get in contact with some people at the Stampeders, but I'm trying to hold that off as a last resort

I got into contact with Lucas Barrett at the CFL offices. Thanks everyone!

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this is a Globe and Mail survey from a few years ago but probably still relevant. CFL fairs quite well. Here you go.

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Bah humbug speak for yourself! To the party deck!