Attendance Capacities

Does anyone know the attendance capacities of each team in the CFL ?

Only Montreal

Calgary is just shy of 36,000 ... or maybe it's just over 35,000 ... anyway, our game vs Saskabush was a sellout...

Commonwealth is about 60,000
BC Place, also about 60,000, but the lower bowl (which is all they really use during the regular season) holds just shy of 30,000
Ivor Wynne is about 30,000
Taylor Field, also about 30,000 ... ditto for Winterpeg.
Skydome can hold 50,000 or so ...

27,000 for Ottawa

Oops, I knew I'd forgotten one :wink:

There's Lots Of Different Numbers And A Lot Of Teams Manage To Sell More Tickets Then There's A Capacity For.

B.C. Place
Cap: 29 706 (Guess That's With The Top Level Closed.)
Highest Attendance: 59 621

Cap: 36 651
Most: 50 035

Cap: 60 081
Most: 62 531

Ivor Wynne
Cap: 28 830
Most: 38 595

Molson Stadium
Cap: 20 202
Most: 26 191

Olympic Stadium
Most: 68 318(CFL Record)

Frank Clair
Cap: 27 695
Most: 50 604

Taylor Field
Cap: 27 732
Most: 55 438

Skydome (It'll Always Be The Dome To Me)
Cap: 52 595
Most: 54 088

Canad Inns
Cap: 29 503
Most: 51 985

Wouldn't you want to asterisk most of these "most attended" numbers as they are substantially higher than the stadium capacity only because they host a grey cup now and then?

I would be surprised if any of these stadiums hit capacity more than once this season. That would be on the labor day weekend for most of them. I know the Esks will come close, but probably not quite fill the park for the return game against the Stamps and Calgary usually fills up for the Monday Labor Day game. Being that we are so close there are a lot of fans that travel up and down the highway for this home and home.

Pretty Much All Of The Highest Attendance Numbers Were For Grey Cup Games, Except For Molson Stadium, And For Many Stadiums That Is Because Extra Seats Are Added. However A Lot Of Stadiums Have A Capacity That Is Less Then The Number Of Seats And It Reflects The Number Of Tickets That Are Sold Before The Stadium Declars A Sellout. Lets Look At The Skydome For Example Becaues It's A Dome Unable To Add Seats And I Know It The Best. The Capacity Is 52 595, And I Think This Years It Might Actually Be Less Then That Because Of The Banners In The North End Zone And The North And South Ends Of The 500 Level, But For Football mode The Dome Has 54 282 Seats But Many Of The Extra 2 313 Are Behind Pillars Or Swished Up Besides The Jumbotron And Don't Offer A Very Good View And Are Therefor Never Sold.

Thanks to everyone.

Thanks to everyone.