Attendance / Atmosphere at THF

The official attendance was another sellout of 23,381 but my guess was 17-18,000 tops at the park. I know many people stay in the concourse or bar areas , but not 5000. There was soooo many empty seats. I know it shouldn't really matter , and what do I care, but it bugs me that the new stadium is only 3/4 full but we still report sell-outs every game. Plus, and I know it has been said before ,but the old stadium was double as loud.

Frustrating game. Our defense deserves better.

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There are clearly people that bought tickets expecting to see Manziel - that didn't come to the game. I'm not saying that's right or wrong but their money is just as good as mine.

After last season's disaster we lost 4 from our group, 2 bought because of Johnny Football, 2 bought because "well why not". Neither have been to a game yet.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but is not the standardized measure of "attendance" these days ticket sales as opposed to turnstile count? If so the real question then is whether tickets could still be bought at the stadium box offices prior to game time. Availability would then indicate that the Tiger-Cats are lying about sell-outs.

Of course the Tiger-Cats make far more money if fans actually come to games. Grossly overpriced beer, Pizza Pizza, popcorn, french fries, pop and (did I mention) BEER!!! can then be sold to "spectators" (who don't actually need to be watching the game to be classified as such these days).

As a CFL supporter and businessman I'm all in favour of selling overpriced beer to whoever of course. But as a non-drinker who likes to actually watch and listen to games, I just roll my eyes.


When any other teams release numbers and its bigger than anyone here thinks it's because they pad the numbers...
But when the cats do it..there's an excuse for it lol

The frustrating part for me is that, my family wants to buy tickets for one of the 4pm games in September. My kids want to buy West side tickets at the top of the stadium ( below the press boxes)because my one son thinks it would be cool to have a "roof" above his head and my other son is tired of the sun being in his eyes during a game. When I look on Ticketmaster there are no seats left in those high up West stand sections, but looking at the stands from my East side seats last night, there were sooooo many empty seats below the press boxes.

I might buy cheaper Family Section seats on the West side instead as I don't usually drink beer at the games anyways.

A few people I went to the game with - there were 8 of us - commented about how empty it was. And that was before half the people that did show up left before the last five minutes of the game.

All kinds of empty seats around us and this is what the Upper west side looked like half way through the third quarter.

I still think if you took all of the people from the Stipley and concourses it would look full.

I disagree. There were several thousands of empty seats. There are a few hundred in the public areas.

Regardless, if the tickets are sold I don't think the team is too upset. Of course it would be nice to have a packed house but they really need to give people a reason to show up on a Saturday at 4pm in the middle of summer.

Cfl stadiums have become fancy beer halls. At 11.50 per beer of which the Cats probably get 7 or 8 bucks from each sale it it the best 3 hour money maker in the land. At IWS there was nowhere to go but your seat. THF has a lot of options to be anywhere but your seat. Great for revenue not so good for atmosphere.

On a related note it was also incredible how late people show up. 7:00PM Thursday or Friday night games - 'fans' may have a legitimate excuse for being late. But yesterday at kickoff there were still several hundred it not thousands just arriving at the gates. I'm sure many of them likely were not in their seats until half way through the first quarter.

Likely most of them were the ones that left halfway through the 4th quarter too. My guess- there were fewer than 10,000 there when we were 24 yards away from potentially winning the game with 28 seconds left.

It seems we have this discussion every year. There are 6 season tickets beside us that are only occasionally used, and always by different folks. Last game the four young guys sitting there asked where the bar was and disappeared for the entire game. This game, some parents of the junior cheersquad sat down for the second half, but left early.

As we have said before, sell-out just means seats sold, has nothing to do with attendance.

For most games, Stubhub tends to have lots of resale tickets everywhere except the platinum section on the west side. If you don't mind waiting until shortly before the game, people often drop their prices quite low at the last minute.

I started a thread on this subject last year and everyone jumped all over me for it. I said that apathy was settling in. It was then and it is continuing now. The team is lucky if there was 18000 in the stadium. I agree there are people out of their seats but not that many. It might be good for the team if these seats are sold but if people are not showing up for seats they bought this is not good.

The team had a great chance to bring excitement on the field but they traded him without even letting him see the field for a single play. Was he the answer? I have no idea, maybe maybe not but the chance should have been given.

This team needs to start winning or it will start to show at the gate. I think it already has. I'm not a big fan of the atmosphere at THF and as much as the stadium is nice I prefer the atmosphere of IWS any day.

I'm a concerned fan because I remember the days of 11-12000 in the stands and don't want those days to return.

It's always a bit sparse in the beginning. Labour day onward will be better

Does anyone else find themselves turning into a bit of a concourse wanderer lately? I was in my seat at the end of the game, but definitely spent a good chunk of the 3rd quarter on the concourse meeting up with some friends.

There's just been a lot of bad football played in the past couple of years. It's become an absolute grind to watch.

As for everyone arriving last minute, I'd love to see the team offer discounted beer/food prior to kickoff. If my options are 11 dollar beers and cold hot dogs, I'm going to go somewhere else before the game for a drink and some food and arrive right at kick off. Cheaper prices might encourage people to show up a little earlier.

I think Argos do that in the endzone prior to kickoff. When i have attended games there it seemed to work. And I guess there are no alternatives close by other than across in Liberty Village for Argo games. I seem to remember a promotion like that at Tim Hortons field last year for a couple games too... it may have been lower prices before 6:30 pm prior to a 7:30 kickoff, but that would work as well.

  1. 11000-12000 fans you say....LOL :smiley:

I remember the PA announcer saying at one point in time.....tonights official attendance,

is 9, 450 !! The Tiger Cats thank you !! LOL LOL :smiley: :wink: ::slight_smile:

Those were the days !!

I remember a game where there was only about a dozen of us in one of the entire cheapie sections, and when we tried to "upgrade" ourselves to a higher-priced, half empty section, the security guy sent us back. Could have laid down to watch the game.

If we lose Friday, the attendance should be like the old days. Then Bob can start his new
5 Year Plan.(and clean house)