attendance at tonight's ottawa game

anyone know what the attendance turned out to be?


In pissing rain. cold rain.

17,567 is still 17,567, rain or shine. It's not like the Renegades draw much better, if at all when the weather is good.

Sucks for the Gades that it had to rain… I’m happy, anyway.

Sucks that we couldn't beat you BleedBlue&Gold.
We have now officially hit rock bottom.

I know...The Bombers weren't doing so well the past couple of games but hopefully we can get back on track from beating your Rens yesterday. You guys still have more wins then us. Good luck the rest of the way...

The rens aren't the worst, Hamilton is, sorry Cats fans, it's a fact.

Well that is good then, the team didn't lose anything in terms of people this time.

im so PO'd that the gades don't seem to care about goin to the playoffs...
they figure they already tied last-years wins with 5, so they dont need to try anymore....
they only play for 1 the first or second, its NEVER both.
where were those creative offencive plays, from the first half, in the second half????.....i was yellin at the t.v. last nite and im now mad cuz theres no lions vs alouettes game on t.v. tonite..... :evil:

17'000 that is more like a NHL Hockey attendence.

Ottawa Renegades attendance:
2002: 23776 (first year)
2003: 23378 (-2%)
2004: 23050 (-1%)
2005: 18333 (-20%)

Here's how all 9 teams are doing attendance-wise, compared with their average attendance at the end of last season (and compared with their average attendance at this time last year):
Edmonton: 39432 +1% (-1%)
Calgary: 33476 +10% (+7%)
B.C.: 30824.8 +15% (+27%)
Toronto: 28779 +11% (+17%)
Hamilton: 28518 +2% (+3%)
Saskatchewan: 25077 +1% (+4%)
Winnipeg: 25075 +4% (+5%)
Montreal: 20202 -15%* (Even)
Ottawa: 18333 -20% (-19%)
League: 27608 +1% (+4%)

*Montreal finished last year with a game at Olympic Stadium which 53,302 attended, bringing their average attendance from 20202 to 23880. They have yet to play that game this year, so their average is still 20202 and shows up as a drop compared with last year's final average.

Ottawa is not only showing a disturbing trend of decreasing attendance, but is bringing down the numbers of the league as a whole. At a time when we should be bragging about increases across the league, we're looking at a double-digit drop in the nation's capital. And this when the Renegades are in a legitimate playoff race.

Is it the fault of the people in Ottawa? Maybe, partly. But as Bob Young said when he bought the Ticats, "If people aren't coming to the games, then we're not doing our job." If they can't sell the steak, they're going to have to learn to sell the sizzle. And fast!