Attendance at the Big O

The final number on attendance for today's game as announced on the Als web page is 31,199 Not incredible but nothing to sneeze at either considering that the attendance in Calgary was announced at 26tho and change.

Its a far cry from saying the Als will be in trouble next season.

I think that is great. 30,000+ for a semi final. :smiley:

Calgary was not sold out , as well.

Were the blackouts lifted?

If that's the case, I know of many wussy people who would rather stay home and watch it on the tube if the weather isn't great.

No blackouts in Montreal

Calgary should be really embarassed for not selling out. Stamps vs. Esks playoff game, 4 degrees at the start of the game, and no sell out(38,000 i think). That's pathetic!

ro1313 pointed out there are no blackouts in Montreal. No weather issue today, either.

I think Calgary had larger attendance the previous week...

Anyways, I think the win to clinch second place was like a Grey Cup victory to Stamp fans who had to sit through the circus that team has been for the last few years.

There are no blackouts for any playoff games

Calgary should hang there heads in shame, frist home playoff game in a while, and they don't sell it out?

Ro, Montreal is all good, Big O, well, that place is pretty much done in terms of CFL football if it could only out do Molson by a few thousand more.

Do I acutually agree with this guy?? Yes. Maybe it's the Steamwhistle.....I'm loaded and Cowgary lost...nice day...

11,000 to be exact
check out the photo I posted from the Mtl Toronto game under the 29,000 thread. Its a terrible place to watch a game