Attendance at the Big O this weekend Tor/Mon

Any word on the expected turn-out for this weekend?
With the Als having a sub-par season for them I suspect attendance will suffer greatly.
What do you all think?

I would be surprised to see 30K
On a side note.....New turf

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I would expect around the same 30-35k im already seeing quite a few empty seats at molson stadium. The market in montreal has so far reacted exactly the way most experts predicted it would if the als play takes a turn for the worse

Al's are saying 40,000 tickets are already sold when you call the "billeterie".

But how much of them are give-aways from Rona, STCUM, radio shows, ect...

I doubt those numbers..

This is not a MONTREAL thing. Your gonna tell me Edmonton is not a football town? Attendance is down in Edmonton a team with a similar record to Montreal, only difference they play in a much tougher division. Attendance is also down in Hamiltion.

Fans are voicing their displeasure. I don't see anything wrong with that. I am not going to list ALL of the reasons why fans are pissed but in my opinion they have every right to be.

In fact in Edmonton the media is openly calling for Jones, Maciocia and Campbell to be fired. Lucky for Popp and Smith, the Als have next to no media coverage in Montreal. How ironic in Smith's case LOL!

The problem is not with the fans! The orgnaisation has made error after error in the management structure,evaluating talent and coaching staff selection/promotion.

For the Als the game of the year

I'll be there. Let's see them get some retribution for last week.

Lets all get out to games and support our league.

the ALs need to clean house from top to bottom. Move Popp back to a scouting role, hire an actual general manager with contracts experience and cap experience. Hire a head coach, no more black uniforms and 4th & 5th uniforms, stick to a simple home and away uniforms, move back to olympic stadium, get some young talent, especially linemen, fire larry smith and his son and son-in-law, no more families working on this team, this isnt some family restaurant business.

Ummm to put this as delicately as possible the olympic stadium is the biggest mistake ever msade by anyone ever and it will stand as the biggest mistake of all time until the city mercifully decides to rid us of the worlds most expensive eyesore so moving back there would be bad.

And Duval is a fine kicker

...for a hockey town!

Tell McGill that if you were outside today, you would sell much more. The weather and colors are just perfect! (maybe THAT is why you have not sold out?)

Congrats on the new turf. U R in my prayers today.

49,000 disappointed really fans

Nice job Montreal fans! 44,510 of you showed up and I must admit thats about 10,000 more than i would have expected seeing how the Alouettes have gone into the tank.
As far as the game itself went well you can be proud of the Montreal defense as they gave their side every opportunity to win that game. But man your offense looked terible. Although the Argo defense is the best in the league and that helped expose Montreals weakness even more.
But hey on the bright side if their is one they only lost by 7 so really it was anyones game. That goal line stop really was the killer. If Montreal punches it in I think they go on to win the game.
But again give credit to the Argos defense.