Attendance at Argos Game

I can't believe the Argos actually announced the attendance as over 25,000. No way there was that many people there.

Let's hope that we get an actual attendance of 25,000+ in Hamilton on Saturday. There is no reason we shouldn't get out and support this team. You can get a ticket $20.00! The players deserve are support.

There are 32,000 seats available for Argos games not including the 500 level. I think 25 is about accurate for last night. MORE than 7,000 empty seats? I think its about right.


But they are still drawing more than the Ticats and having a terrible season.
That's not bad.

Metro Toronto has 8-10x the population so 25 thousand is quite pathetic really.

True. But there is a hell of a lot more options for your entertainment buck. Also, the Argos suck!!!

I was at the game, definatly that many people there, tickets prices are about the same as cats games... and kick for a million may have brought in a few extra people

No not true - Hamilton has a metro population of over 6 million people and Toronto maybe less!!
CFL teams have the potential to draw from a 50 mile radius - Hamilton has the largest potential market in Canada.

The current owners said right form day 1 of their ownership, that they would only announce 'real ticket sales' so maybe not everyone who bought a ticket went to the game but they sold 25k+ tix. Not bad for such a lousy team two years running. I think they're lucky that the Leafs, Raptors and Jays are just as bad.

An Arghhhhho-Cat fan

Yes, Argo attendance has been pretty darn good considering the team. No question and good on the Argo fans! :thup:

Are you forgetting that Toronto is within that 50 mile radius? My point is that their metropolis is much larger than Hamilton even with Burlington.

Metro area doesn't count anything within 50 miles.. it means attached suburbs only. If you think Hamilton has a metro population of over 6 million then you need to put down the crack pipe.

25,000 in that stadium looks small but there probably really was 25,000. They fail to mention that $15,000 of those tickets were probably give aways.

25,000 is good for a terrible team.

Their next game will be a tough sell.

And remember, while there will be a full house looking RC come the Jets,Bills game in December everyone knows there will be a lot of discounted tickets given to Rogers employees for that game and their business associates and freebies as well along the way to the same. They are still advertising new ticket prices on City TV for the game. Hey Rogers, I thought you were going to sell out all 5 years of games at the beginning with that "waiting list" you were touting. What a f joke.

how many will be at our game on Saturday

25,000 is probably right,but I wonder how many of that were cat fans?

That's about what I would've pegged it. Not sure why people are ripping on this. The team's been brutal for 2+ years. In most other CFL stadiums they'd be nearly selling the place out.

I will be at the game Saturday. Should be a good one as well.

Ok so then by your logic the following senerio should hold true:

Toronto drew 25k for it's game vs Hamilton. But the city of New York has 8x the population compared to Toronto. So if the stadium could hold it, would you expect then 200k people in attendance for a Jets game? Doesn't make sense at all does it? In fact, it sounds ridiculous.

Agree Birdman. Take Regina and surrounding area equivalent to New York City. The Riders blow the Jets and Giants out of the water for attendance and I bet also per capita in the same area to numbers of people watching the games on TV. And BTW, this is not information Rogers Corp. would ever reveal. :wink:

Of course the naysayers will say both the Jets and Giants have huge waiting lists for seasons tickets and they could sell out a 150,000-200,000 seat facility no problem. Well, would they if the stadiums were that large? Hypothetical.