Anyone hear how many tickets have been sold so far and what there expecting for tonight?

7 years of losing, plus rain killing the walk-up not expecting much. hope im wrong.

There should be enough curiosity about the Ticats’ many changes that we should get a good crowd.
There have been enough rains lately that everybody should already be wrinkled up; lightning or hail I can see being an issue.

I was at the Winnipeg game in 1972. Pouring rain and cold too. Because of the team we had (Grey Cup bound) we still had over 30,000 in the stands. I still remember Dave Buchanan on sweeps being tackled and seeing a huge “wave” of water come out of the Astro Turf before him. Ah what memories.

I think it'll be a decent one. If loss after loss after loss can't keep fans away from booing the Argos, I can't see a little rain being able to do it!

I'll be loud n' proud in the endzone tonight folks! Happy Canada Day.
Hopefully all the rain will fall when it storms this aft.

My guess for tonight is 18-22K


8) I would venture to say that anything under 23,000, would be a disappointment, regardless of the weather conditions !!!!

im not expecting much after last year's opener but hope im wrong. anything over 20k would be OK given how much this team has sucked lately and the weather...

Based on last year im expecting 13000, the announced attendance will be 21k though lol.

Last year it seemed like there was only around 11k at each game with the announced attendances not even being close to actual amount of folks at the games and yet ironically they claim it was a financially successfull year which means they must have gave away well over 15k in tickets for all those other seasons.

I don't know, for some reason this game is getting a lot of buzz. I think if the weather was gorgeous, they could actually pull a legitimate 24k. As is, 19k and they are lucky.

Stupid weather, one of the most epic games of the year could be rained on. Can the next stadium have a roof please?

I figure it can't rain forever....can it?
Still, predicting under 1mm...that means some light sprinkling. Nothing to worry about.

Whew :smiley: and yes it can rain forever just as Winnepeg, they got layered with it a few months back. :expressionless:

The announced attendance was 23, 211.

Not too bad. Nice crowd, great pre-game festivities. Who doesn't like those screaming jets? Simply awesome!

Too bad the TiCats had to take to the field and ruin a very promising evening.