Attendance 2023

Edmonton had great attendance for the L D game, about 32,000. The big attraction was Taylor Swift tickets to a Paris concert. Elks new promotion would work for everyone, such as tickets to MMA fights, NHL playoffs games, Raptors games, Queen /Springsteen concert in Toronto, Rolling Stones concert in Ottawa, and so forth

How much more marketing can MLSE do for the Argos?
It hasn’t worked! fans always want to use the same old excuse that owners should spend more money on marketing. Doesn’t matter, Toronto fans are not going to fill BMO, 10k to 13k attendance is the normal and will be in the future. As long as MLSE keeps paying the bills, the Argos will continue


They can do lots more, MLSE didn’t even have a President for the Argos while Manning was preoccupied with signing overpaid failed Italians for TFC.

Rookie owner Amar Doman called them out for their lack of effort. How can a media conglomerate like MLSE be outshone by a rookie owner and be so embarrassed (or likely not) at their own lack of effort that they couldn’t muster a response.

Whether it’s true or not I heard they treat their STH well and do little for new fan engagement. Maybe they are doing better this year.

As for spending money on marketing, that has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever read. David Braley, who like MLSE, just paid the bills, decimated the marketing budget and departments in both BC and Toronto. This, of course led to the obvious and inevitable attendance decline that both teams have to dig themselves out of.


Perhaps they can start with improving customer service.

Sports writer Steve Simmons said he had 36 people signed up for season tickets in the same section. That number is now down to eight. Simmons said none of them received calls about renewing or why they stopped buying season tickets.


It’s not fun, it’s incredibly stupid. So, we want to draw attention to a franchise in trouble, kick them when they’re down. That’s the job for Toronto sportswriters, to kick something when it’s down.

If a player on another team did that I would fine their ass. It’s like being interviewed and wearing another league’s gear on camera, stupid, stupid, stupid. You’ve just been so stupid as to take money out of your own pocket by encouraging consumers to buy someone else’s gear and not your own.

The problem is you can buy cheap seat sale tickets for every game for $25 to $30 and then sit in the best seats.
Why buy season tickets? we were buying the mini packages but now we just buy the seat sale tickets for individual games and move up to the 50 yard line on the east side


That’s all fine but that doesn’t address the point of the poor customer service to the customer and also adding that revenue back to the organization. There is no trace as to if the customer did as you suggest (next best scenario) or is lost forever (worst scenario)

Just bad business practice.

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Probably the worst thing for the league was gate equalization. The better operated western teams subsidized weaker organizations too much for too long. It encourages failures. A much better formula is long overdue to force poor performing to do better.

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A long time ago, Eskies had bingos for cars, and it filled the stadium. These days cars are costly and not plentiful, how about raffles for expensive cars at half prices? Cars always bring excitement and interest.

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Is it a bad time to point out that it was some
Of the Eastern Teams that put the most into gate equalization back during its early existence? (With Toronto probably contributing the most).


Do you have any information, links or resources on that. I would like to see it.

The current gate equalization system is only in it’s second year so I doubt the Eastern teams except for Hamilton maybe have paid anything into it.

I take it that you are referring to another equalization scheme in the past that I am not aware of or can’t remember existed. Would also like to see further information on that.

There is a current gate equalization scheme? I know it was talked about being brought back during last labour negotiations but I don’t believe anything came of that.

The book Huddling Up provides an almost season by season account of items such as gate equalization attendance, and league revenues during that time period in which it was written. The gate equalization charts within the book are illuminating and a stark contrast to the situation of today
Quite the contrast

Yep. Last year was the first year. As far as I know it had nothing to do with the labour negotiations. It doesn’t affect the players. The owners decided independently of labour negotiations to implement equalization.

I have seen almost nothing about how Year 1 played out but am not surprised the information isn’t public. Unless someone else on here knows?

Do you have anything that says there is one? I’m guessing that would be a major item that would have been reported and would show up on the community teams’ financials.

Well there is an equalization scheme. It’s been discussed many times on this forum and I bet there is at least one site generated thread on the topic. Sorry but I’m at work and don’t have time to search but you might want to search this site and/or Google it.

Regina Leader Post, Dec 2021, so almost 2 years ago…

I’m sure they weren’t the only ones to report it.

CFL commissioner (Randy Ambrosie) announced Dec. 10 that the board of governors has adopted a revenue-sharing model for the first time in more than 40 years.


Thanks, but that’s not a gate equalization plan.

And actually within the article itself, it actually states as much.

Its still revenue sharing. The rest is just semantics.