Attendance 2023

22,053 from the stats PDF available here
That seems pretty accurate, it was a decent crowd.

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Yes, something as simple as banners/flags flown in the various cities in Metro Van, like they had/have in downtown Vancouver. Also, you know those little kiosks in malls? There should be Lions kiosks in some of the the major malls, even if they don’t sell much merch it would make the team and logo visible.

From what I’ve read BMO has a capacity of about 30 000. Why only 18 000 in attendance for a first place eastern team? I would have thought it would be a sold out crowd.

In Toronto? Have not seen crowds in the 30k range since their days in the early 2000s under different ownership and word was that they papered the house with giveaways. Almost 18K is progress. The game with free tickets to the Expo has brought in 15-16K since moving to BMO in the past. I think that the benchmark for success in the large markets is 20K. It is clear Amar Doman has done a great job in BC to hit that benchmark. Attendance in the big cities is slowly trending upward a little but there is still a lot of work to do.

No, the CFL capacity at BMO is 17k, the east side upper deck seats 9,000 and is blocked off for CFL games.
However, they will open it up if there is a demand like a playoff game.
If they open up the upper deck then capacity is 26,000
The capacity for soccer is 30,000, they have temporary seats behind the goal that can be pulled out and added.

BC @ Montreal was the 8th worst attended game of the season (Including TDA). However it was an improvement of 10.6% over Ottawa @ Montreal week 13 in 2022.


I’d never go to a game in Montreal if I had to listen to that damn horn all game long.


Toronto’s attendance was 4th worst of the season so far (including TDA).

In 2022

Week 2 Montreal at Toronto 12,498
Week 21 Montreal at Toronto 13,155

There is some improvement over last year.

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Less then 18000 in attendance is really horrible for a team that absolutely terrifying good.

Camera angle has a lot to do with crowd number perception. For example zoom in a crowd of 200 people attending a political rally and the observer would think there were thousands in attendance.

While it’s fun to pick on Toronto for their small attendance numbers in comparison to the rest of the CFL it cannot be glossed over that they’ve done an incredible job increasing that from last year’s numbers.

They are up around 30% from last year!


That’s great and all but percentages make things look better than they actually are as it’s easy to jump up on a percentage basis when you literally started at nothing.

The CFL was quite boastful about the huge present age increases in overseas interest. Ya that’s because you started at nothing. Notice we don’t hear about that anymore…. I wonder why…. :thinking:

It is great news about the Argos moving the needle in Toronto (even a bit) but they are a first place team and arguably the best team in the entire league. They should be averaging over 20,000 at minimum. But still even baby steps is a positive I suppose


This year’s Argos are the best ever, yet not even 20,000 attendance, it is pity full. Toronto does not deserve their GC, lately.

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Maybe, employ some WWE promoters to improve attendance? Get some help from NHL? What happened to the Rock?

Yea, and two of those season tickets belong to me… and I live in Calgary. I give them all away to Kids up Front. Hopefully some of the kids will become life long CFL fans. Even if they don’t, it gives them a nice night.


That’s super!
I didn’t know about Kids Up Front prior to today, now I know what to do with any spare tickets.


The team needs to be moved to either Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge or to London Ontario. Toronto is too big and has too many other entertainment options and 3 of their pro teams (Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs) are in the 4 biggest North American sports leagues.

I disagree, The Argonauts are the Oldest professional football team and have a great heritage, I think Toronto sports fans like them more than their attendance shows. They need better marketing from their media owners, tie in Argo tickets with the other teams, run ads during the other teams broadcasts etc. I do agree a team in Mississauga or South Western Ontario would be a great rival for all three Ontario teams.


Toronto @ Montreal was the 10th worst attended game in 2023 so far (including TDA).

That game was actually down from 2022:

Week 20 Toronto at Montreal 19,226

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Great idea!! I should try it too!