Attempt to trade Glenn... for Printers??

Take it with a grain of salt, folks. This is what a radio station in Vancouver would have people believe...

Printers to the Peg?
Jim Mullin

TheWinnipeg Blue Bombers picked up quarterback Stefan Lefors today from the Edmonton Eskimos for a pair of conditional draft picks.

As a result, new coach and GM Mike Kelly confirmed to Corus Radio this hour that current starter Kevin Glenn is trade bait.

CKNW has learned that the bombers will attempt to trade Glenn to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for Casey Printers. However, Printers must first agree to a renegotiation of his 500-thousand dollar pact.

Glenn would be installed as a back up to Hamilton starter Quinton Porter.

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Boy that would be exciting. Glenn has incredible accuracy, just questionable decision making sometimes.

That would be an interesting move to say the least. Glenn has looked awesome at times, and not so good at others. He often looked worse when he was banged up.

Glenn is from Detroit, often has his own little cheering section when he comes to town, so I'm sure he would approve of moving closer to home. He would be a good addition if he is healthy (better have his spleen checked) and can stay healthy. I'm not sure if I'm entirely ready to give up on Printers, and it maybe a little early to consider Porter to be ready to be a starter, but I wouldn't be unhappy if this trade were to happen. I just don't know if I can trust Winnipeg with any trade they make.


I hope this is a joke. Because

1-Printers would have to be an idiot to cut his contract instead of becoming a FA...Hello Toronto! or Montreal (Calvillo hasn't confirmed his return yet).

2- I can't BELIEVE Obilovich wants to take another anal raping by the Bombers, even if they throw in another player its not worth it. The man has no f... pride?

3- Kevin Glenn at 375k with no knees and absolute PANIC about getting hit dosen't make this team better The guy was the absolute worst QB in the league last year.

4- Why would you fix your main opponent's biggest problem?

Chris...20 interceptions and he didn't even play a full season and was pulled for 3 games... He made Bishop and KJ look good.
Com on man!

Questionable decision making is what i said. I really like Glenn's throwing motion, Casey has a terrible throwing motion. I think both quarter backs have the skill sets, Glenn has just showed them more recently. Both quarterbacks had an off year last year, happens to the best of them. However Printers hasn't had a decent season in 5 years. Glenn is a year removed from an MVP season.

There is a couple other things you might want to consider. Glenn had ONE good year 2007. A winning record against 3 really bad Eastern teams and a 2-5 record against the West.

He can't escape pressure or move the pocket if his life depends on it.

His knees are BAD

He makes more then 300 k

What is attractive about this package? Preventing Toronto from getting Printers?

A Casey Printers for Kevin Glenn is not a far fetched idea if Printers' contract can be reworked. Of note is that Kevin Glenn worked with new Ticat offensive coordinator Mike Gibson, who had the same role in Winnipeg, in 2005 and 2006. Here are Glenn's stats with Gibson as his OC:

2005- 231 completions/403 attempts, 57.3% completion rate, 3,571 yards, 27 TDs, 17 ints, 91.5 rating
2006- 249 completions/430 attempts, 57.9% completion rate, 3,427 yards, 17 TDs, 13 ints, 84.1 rating

It is a fact that Printers is larger, more athletic, and two years younger than Glenn. However, they have both sustained injuries over the past two years that have somewhat hampered their effectiveness. Printers' struggles in Hamilton in 2007 and 2008 are well known. Glenn also had a difficult 2008 season after a fine 2007 season.

Maybe Casey Printers can rebound and have a strong 2009 season. Maybe he can do it with the Ticats. But it also possible that Bob O'Billovich and Marcel Bellefeuille don't want to gamble on that chance given what transpired in 2008 and want the new Ticat offensive coordinator to be confident with his quarterbacking unit heading into this season by supplying him with at least one quarterback with whom he is familiar. Time will tell as to whether this is more than just a rumour on a Vancouver radio station but the suggested scenario does make some sense.

Here are some more musings about where Kevin Glenn may end up


Michael Bishop was released by Saskatchewan.

He has no contract with them.

This sports writer is confused.

Saskatchewan can't use him in any package deal for Glenn.

I think the writing was on the wall for Glenn once Berry was fired and Taman left.

I don't want him here. If we sign him as a cheap veteran back up maybe but to compete as a starter, I don't think so.

3 words...

No Thank You.

I don't quite understand this one.

Although there is a lack of experience there, Porter has shown me more in a few games than Maas, Chang, Printers and Williams ever have.

Williams is fine as a back up.

Printers days are done and will probably end up in the Peg, or maybe Sask. after he is released.

No need to take a guy whos best days are behind him. Ya gotta commit to Porter....

If we trade Printers, we should trade him for help on the O or D lines, not for a backup QB.

I think Traflais could back up Porter just fine.

The bottom line here is that Printers won’t be in Hamilton in 2009. It’s clear the only reason Obie has kept him around is to see if other teams will bite on a trade for him.

Bingo! All this would be is a salary dump disguised as a trade. If the condition is that Printers take a pay cut and he is willing why not keep him. Moot anyway as Printers isn't dumb enough to take a pay cut. He'd be better to make a one year deal at a reduced salary with the team of his choice and use that season to establish himself again. bouncing from one bad team to another and take a pay cut would be stupid. Half of the Bombers Oline is testing free agency, They have a rookie HC and no scouting department and have not honnored ONE of the big contracts they've signed. Roberts traded, KJones dumped, Glenn dumped, Canada attempted to dump.... see a pattern?

You do not need to disguise a salary dump in the CFL with non-guaranteed contracts.

If you do not want a guy cut him.

And they aren't willing to cut him because they want to control where he ends up. If he is free to go where he wants he could end up in Saskatchewan and could do very well making OB look like a bum. Or Toronto and they rebuild the team around him or in Montreal and do the same thing Calvillo did behind Ham a decade ago. All of these options are probably more attractive to Printers then going to the PEG to another impossible situation.

anybody know what glenn is scheduled to make this season?

TBH who ever is taking the snaps for the ticats whether its Printers Porter Glenn etc even if it was one of the greats in there prime arent gunna have enough time to do anything with it anyways with our current state of O-line. WHich brings me to my second point Glenn had stellar recievers in Winnipeg. Now personally after watching every game last year (some of them multiple times) i really hope they decide to give JO JO Walker a good shot this year if u watch him last year he ran good routes so he could be an easy dump off for when the QB is pressured and we all know our QB's get pressured Quite a bit. So this Trade i say No unless there gunna give us some type of guarentee with the trade for example u trade Glenn and a draft for printers and how the ticats finish at the end of the season will decide which draft choice we get.

OMG that is hilarious.

I'll answer number 4. We already did that once (MLB). Why wouldn't we be kind enough to do it again. I would agree with Rusty. No Thank You.