attedance for the calgary game

i don't know why there is not much hype towards this game but we should get over 40,000 ,but it looks like well under , i say 34,000 what else does everybody think?

My reason is that the canucks arew starting up this thursday and all the media attention has been on them.
They also play this friday night in Columbus at 4:00 pm but i don't think that will hurt the walk up crowed.

Calgary is going to be a big game...and now I'm not sure if I can make it. My daughter works from 4-8, and my wife is out of town, so I have no one to pick her up...and driving from White Rock to downtown after 8, it wouldn't be worth it. :frowning:

Wish I could make it back into town for this game but I will be watching it on TV, cheering on the Lions. This will only be the 2nd game I miss this year. Why the hell did I move?

I'll be down for this one.

Where did you move to Lionbacker?

As for the Canucks, Yawn boring, 40 Power plays a game, pass the Valium, I can't take the excitement (Sarcasm)