Attacking Players on sidelines

During the Montreal/Hamilton game I noticed Dave Stala sitiing on his helmet off of the field when he was attacked by a Montreal player,isn't this assault?If the league doesen't do something about this then maybe other teams will start doing the same thing.

How did he attack Stala?

Stala squirted the Alouette player with a water bottle, which prompted the Alouette to respond. If one is going to make a decision, make it a good one.

LOL.. Try to watch the play again! Seems that's the only way Stala can get people to talk about him the last few weeks.

How did the Alouette player respond? Did he hit him? Push him? Stick out his tongue? What did he do exactly?

I only saw it once, but it looked like the Als player said something to him after he was squirted. I can't say for sure, though.

Said something to him? That was the attack?

I'm not aware I said anything about an attack. In my first post in this thread, I was responding to the OP, not to you.

He pushed him.

Yeah, Stala began squirting water at Brandon London (I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong) and London took offense. It was a fairly harmless squabble, but it was very unsportsmanlike conduct on Stala's part. The two jostled a little after the initial push, but it was just frustration rearing its ugly head. A minor misdemeanor, maybe, but most certainly not an assault or an attack. :stuck_out_tongue:

If that was assault, then Stala's initial water bottle squirting was assault with a weapon. :cowboy:

Stala tried twice to squirt Mont. receiver, 2nd one hit. After jostling, the receiver slapped Stala in the face. While this sort of thing is common in all sports, Stala picked the wrong time to do it. Ham . seemed to be making an effort to fight back in the game, buoyed by Medlock's kicking and weren't that far behind. After this skirmish Mont. really put the boots to any ideas Ham. had. A stupid move by a stupid player!!!

Slapping someone across the face is a physical attack… and IS considered Assault!

Good lord. We're not in a court of law. Players get hit on the field of play without being convicted of assault. It was a slap, a slap that occurred because Stala provoked London with his asinine water bottle squirting. Can't believe some Cats fans are actually trying to defend Stala on this one.

You man like you are defending London??

NOWHERE in my post did I defend Stala, I merely pointed out that a slap IS assault.. go reread my post


Your defense of Stala is implicit in your ridiculous claim that London's slap is assault. I'm not defending London, either, but he was provoked and was not the instigator of the incident. Stala was. Take your absurd Cats homerism back to your own forum, where it belongs.

Please provide proof that Stala instigated this altercation. For all you know London could have said something to him as he walked up. you have NO idea who or how it was started.

Again.. I did NOT defend Stala, they we BOTH total idiots for this, you defended London just as much as you think I defended Stala so take your homerism comment and hide it where the sun does not shine. And the point is still.. a slap is assault, you cannot refute that!

I am not saying that it was a good thing stala did, or something he should have done, but it was nothing to make a stink about. Not deserving of any name calling, just a roll of the eyes and acknowledgement that it was not one of his better moments or choices.

As for the als player, if it were me, specially with the lead in the game, I would had just said thanks for the cooling off, can you give me some more, with a big grin on my face. Stala probably would have laughed and that would be the end of this little tiny mole hill incident

How does anyone know what Stala's intentions were? Maybe it was accidental.

They showed the replay during the game and as the mtl player walked by stala raised the water bottle pointed it toward him and squeezed, there was no way that it was accidental.