Attack on an official in BC

CFL, police investigate attack
June 16, 2007
By Perry Lefko,

The Vancouver City Police Department and the Canadian Football League are conducting separate investigations following a highly-unusual incident in which an official was allegedly struck by a patron during Friday night's pre-season game between the B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders at B.C. Place.

During the third quarter of the game, which Saskatchewan won 24-15, a male patron entered the field near the Roughriders' bench and made contact from behind with side judge Steve Dolyniuk, touching off a wild melee.

Jim Daley, the CFL's Senior Advisor of Officiating and Football Operations, was at the game and was asked to give a statement to the Vancouver police.

"Because of the police investigation I cannot comment on the specifics at this time," Daley said in an e-mail to

Daley said he has also filed a report with the CFL office.

Regina Leader-Post football reporter Darrell Davis told that the patron came onto the field and "barrel-rolled" into Dolyniuk.

Davis said several members of the Roughriders team pounced on the patron, including defensive lineman Luc Mullinder, who grabbed and put the patron in a clothesline grip. Roughriders director of player personnel Joe Womack, who is also the team's strength and conditioning coach, and defensive line coach Ron Estay became involved and pinned the patron to the ground.

"He helped Womack a little bit but the (patron) wasn't struggling," Davis said. "He was just kind of laying down."

A timekeeper also assisted in the process until security arrived and escorted the patron away. It is not believed Dolyniuk suffered any injury.

Dolyniuk, now in his seventh year of officiating, deferred comment to CFL Director of Officiating George Black, who said he cannot remember when, if ever, there's been an incident in the CFL when a fan came out of the stands and made contact with an official. Black officiated for 22 years.
The CFL indicated in a statement to that the matter is considered extremely serious.

"The CFL places the utmost importance on the safety and welfare of our officials," CFL Chief Operating Officer Michael Copeland said. "We are extremely disappointed that this incident has taken place and will provide our full support to the efforts of the local authorities as they pursue legal recourse against the offender involved."

B.C. Place security officials were unavailable.

There is a possibility that charges could be pending, although Vancouver City Police were unavailable for comment.

Davis said any time a fan enters the field of play during a Roughriders game without the permission of the team criminal trespassing charges are laid.

Crazy stuff, I wonder what got into the kid to make him barrel role the side judge ? Is it mushroom season by chance ?

No it's too early for that , but we do have a lot of meat heads in Vancouver all year long though. :roll:

I think it's safe to say he will have the book thrown at him.

This kind of thing is an aberration fortunately.

Some people are so stupid.

And I thought BC Bud made you mellow??????

Probably booze over served! :roll:

Well in my experience.......oops never mind. :cowboy:

At the same time there was a serious assault on two football fans at the Winnipeg game as well. The sad thing is it was over collector beer cups. And at the Calgary game there were a few fans removed for fighting as well. It happens. But to an offical that is extreme.

Well they were giving $2000 fines to people who entered the playing field a few years back at BC Place , hopefully that good rule is still in effect. Maybe they could increase that even ,to say $5000 , then the idiots would only do it once and wouldn't even be proud of themselves the next day. Many would reconsider doing it if they knew about the fine .

It truly amazes me how stupid some fans are-- they want their 15 mins of fame by running onto the field , court or ice -- whatever surface pros are playing on. We have idiots who occasionaly run onto the turf at Taylor field, only to be tackled by security--lucky for them. I was listening to this on the radio when they mentioned the fan making his trek-- and as Carteri so correctly pointed out-- any fan that does this runs the risk of being decked by an angry football player. I hope it does happen to some loser one day-- maybe that will make others who conisder such a move to think twice. Their punishment should be to become a paratice dummy for the players during the next week-- I'm quite sure he will have enough bruises to conisder his move a stupid one.

Back in the 90's some drunk fan ran onto the field. I think it was a Calgary Lineman that decked him with a tremedous straight arm. (Maybe Crysdale?).

I read in todays Province Newspaper that the Vancouver Police have charged the clown, as well, BC Place has "banned" him for ever. Curious thing, I've never seen any banned posters posted, so I wonder how they maintain the ban?

I think with a stadium ban, they probably revoke his season tickets (no refund). Then, if he gets in trouble at a game again, he can be charged with trespassing just for being in the stadium, in addition to charges relating to his offense.

There’s no way they can keep him out of the stadium, since that would require checking everyone’s ID at the gate.

Thanks Big Dave, I figured thats maybe what they would do. I suppose the clown could walk up and by a same day ticket.

On a side note, the Province story said the Side Judge had dizziness the next day. Maybe the official could sue the clown in civil court for lost wages and pain and discomfort. Sadly, our criminal court system will probably give him a suspended sentence based on time served (1 night in jail).

I remember seeing a clip some time ago.
Chris Walby in his Winnipeg gear doing a three point stance towards a fan that ran onto the field and challenged Walby.
It was just a promo clip of some sort though and i never got to see what happened next.

Oh Great!! you g :o o to a CFL game and a Soccer fight breaks out!

Years back when Doug Flutie was still QB in BC , an idiot ran out onto the field . He went up to Flutie to taunt him , so Carl Coulter ,who was a BC lineman at the time, grabbed the moron by the neck and hurled him to the ground where the idiot skidded face down into the turf . Then the security pounced on him and dragged him out. That was the best one I've seen . I always like to see them get laid out by a player.

What I don't get is when the crowd actually cheers for these idiots .

Hey at least your stadium the idiots keep their cloths on. I do not know what it is but for some reason we sure get lots of streakers! Maybe it is the thin air here.

Don't take life too seriously; no one gets out alive.