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This is some form of a thesis in waiting. . . until the final result for fri. game is 'w' or 'l'.

But, if we have to face the next day succumbing to Montreal? I have to say it, Lyle Bauer's time is up with this organization.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, I think to myself 'can the bb's play desparate enough' . . .type of football to beat Montreal. . . could you guess what my answer is??

The Als are going to be tough without the excuses; I don't see this happening for us at home tomorrow. My question is do you guys seem optimistic, that if we lose, Bauer has stamped 'needy' all over this team in order for the fans to balk. I swear, something smells rotten in Denmark.

I haven't given up on the players, because I've begun to feel it's been done to THEM. Please tell me this makes sense to you guys. As a fan, I believe we've been tricked into a magic carpet ride. This isn't even funny, how bad this team is right now. I'm not over exaggerating. Please give us your up front/personal unbias.

My take on the situation…

While Bauer’s business skills pulled the Bombers out of red ink, he has the same gleam in his eye that Jets owner Barry Shenkarow had when he knew he was about to step out of public constraints and “sell out” to outside investors.

If I am correct, Lyle Bauer will probably sabatage this season & keep the coaching situation as it is to provide the excuse he needs to clean house (Berry, Cartwright, Taman)pave the way for private sale & take his place as Asper’s highly paid lapdog.

I realize that’s extremely cynical (some would say treacherous), but if I’m correct…

Why people in winnipeg are acting as complacent as Sask. fans is about as coherent as it gets. I seriously cannot believe how fans, simply cannot afford to see the truth in front of our bloody eyes.

Bauer's pattern of salvaging recycable material does not rest on Berry, it's resistence that has the Bombers in such a sorry state of affairs.

^I mean seriously, we are no better than Rider fans at this point. . . which is totally sad in Bomber history. We just cannot allow to let bygones be bygones.

We’re getting a raw deal here and Bauer has tossed us out a bone. Think about it if we’ve been taken for granted, fans of the Blue and Gold, are in the same light as Sask. fans immune to hypocrisy yet choose to do nothing about it? Bomber football is not about Bauer, it’s about what Bauer wanting to achieve. . . has completely ill fated the fans. We’re all a bunch of Rider cop-outs, “We stick to our own.” mentality.

Bauer has driven us to the ground.

Do not fire Berry.

If I were in a room, where only the most desirable women of my dreams were present, completely nude. . . all of the sudden life seems worth doing.

If you fail to comprehend what that means, I seriously doubt bauer has any credibility whatsoever.

Cal Murphy comes a close second to Bauer in terms of 'business' related skills.

....I'll reserve comment until the end of tonights game....This is the crossroads as far as i'm concerned....A poor game at this juncture of the season, against a divisional rival....would indicate changes HAVE to be made.....but we'll see... i still believe this team has the talent on the me the eternal optimist..but starting to think the glass is half-empty....GoBigBlue.... :roll:

I think Bauer mostly let's Taman run the football side of the organization.

Look at Saskatchewan, once they got rid of Shivers and Barrett, viola.

Taman and Berry are making a strong case this year for their own pink slips.

I have a better idea. . . the solution is to have a garage sale so that the team can adopt, and then reaveal, it's new band-aid name for the rest of the season. . . maybe even history.

the bb's now = the bourgeois bomba's (just ask lord lyle.)


You mean the same massa shivers that got the Riders to the grey cup last year and won??? I wouldn’t equate that in my books with seeming victory.