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Okay, we've been waiting all year for this - and finally we get to watch a complete football game.

Serna actually making kicks look easy.

Kai Ellis. (enough said.)
Sanford Samuels
Ian Logan
Zeke Moreno (thank you)

Fred Reid (Charles who?)

in the 4th qrt - the entire argo defense looking at joltin joe in the backfield. Glenn runs the option to perfection and finds #81 Bryant for a 45 yard td. I mean - that was a thing of beauty. That's what a running game does, everything gets wide open because #33 is back there.

The entire team looks happy, Berry catches fire on the sidelines that no one can put out.

1 - redstallion gets honorable mention here because he's felt our pain all year, so kudos to him.

2 - zoo' do the jerseys really remind you of what we used to look like? (you're the one poster that when we win i believe is truly happy.)

3 - footballmad - do you attribute this win more so to the fact the don is his first game back, or are the argos really this undisciplined (yikes) + bad a team.

P.S. As I said in my other thread, I caught Marshal giving Berry the death stare when Glenn went down in the 4th. Clearly thinking: 'You idiot. . . when will you learn to get our qb out.'

Did I forget to mention berry looking like a retard for not turning to widdie.

P.S. Freddie Reid - yes you are a player. Good for you, man.

P.S.S. Dear brendan taman - it's safe to say Sanford is a player that stuck it to ya'.

...yikes.....we took them apart....hopefully we continue....maybe the DON wants to reconsider his coming back.....AND ...WHO HAS THE BEST ALL-TIME FOOTBALL PLAYER EVER IN THE CFL.....yes its MILT....GOBIGBLUE :rockin:

hahaha - please answer my question zoo.

3-8. Here we go.

you know what I saw tonight was that the Jerseys had no names on the back and thats the story they didn't play for themselves, they didn't play for the name on there back they played as a team, a unit that was the difference i believe.

P.S. Stanford Samuels should never be on the bench again he brought fear into receivers eyes

....DEFINITELY WE HAVE A TEAM....and yes question Berry .....still making debatable calls....Glenn better be able to go next game....orrrrrrr we might cool off....just as we caught fire... :roll: :roll:

Thx, bigcanadaino. They loojed great today. Their back! Now it's one game at a time. All the luck for bomber fans.

hey big i don;t know where to blame thema rgos on this one. unfortunatley i did not get to watch the game for i was a t work and the computer i was using didn;t show the video on but i did get constant updates.

To me it seemed the the blue finally gelled together. they played well last week till the 4th quarter and this week stepped up and continued the good play. to me they are rightng the ship. the argos looked awful. no ball movement, poor play calling. the bombers just had the upper hand all around against the argos.

As for marshall and the stare i agree. there was no reason for glenn to play the fourth quarter. he took a bit of a hit, but he will be going to ok for next week.

....sorry bigcanadiano....i breezed through everything last night and in my excitement missed your question..

...those early days of the Bombers came back in a big way when i saw those jerseys...and no-logos on the helmets...We had some great players back in the day...and i swear some of them must have suited-up for that game....we played like the winners of old...Glenn ain't no Jack Jacobs (rifle for an arm)...or Kenny (the fox) Ploen...but he gave a good accounting of himself..Reid is no Leo Lewis..(i still think Lewis was a shade better than Charlie) but all in all, Reid given time , is going to rate right up there with the better backs we've had in the Peg....If the result we had last night was because of the ol unis' then i say wear them the rest of the way in 08/// :wink: :smiley:

I absolutely love those solid blue helmets.