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Now that roberts has been traded, are you both still somewhat on opposite sides of the managment issue or are you more apathetic toward them?

I saw Khari's demise as a debacle of sorts, fortunately we had Glenn to bail us out of that one (and managment).

But, what does this trade do for you as a Bomber fan? Just curious to see your response.

I'm actually somewhat "excited" about the trade for a couple reasons.

First, being that Berry has wanted a power back from day one for this offense. Berry has a long history of running successful offenses and now we will see if this is what the Bomber offense has needed.

Secondly, Taman is letting Berry fix the "problems". I'm much more comfortable with this than Taman calling the shots. Taman's record shows that he holds onto veterans too long out of loyalty. I think Berry is objective enough to make the tough decisions based upon performance only.

In Regina last week, Roberts wasn't even participating in the huddles, he'd line up in the backfield without doing up his chin strap. Basically telling Sask.'s defense he wasn't getting the ball.

…i don’t like the term apathetic… cautious and curious more like…I’ve liked Joe Smith when he first started for the leos…How he works out for the Bombers is another question…IF he lights it up on Sunday and continues to be a success in the Peg…great…Taman has much to answer for if everything goes sideways from now till the end of the year…and Berry will be questioned as to why his type offence isn’t working with a back of Smiths calibre…We’ll see soon enough and the opinions will be coming fast and furious by then… :wink:

Thanks you fellas. Good job.