Att. A.'s Bob's fault the Argos lost

Well, according to today's Spectator article anyways :lol:

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Bob jinxed the Argos apparantly :twisted:

Wetenhall loves Bob because Bob stole his heir apparent GM? Baloney, can't wait to see the backend of the deal.

Couldnt have anything to do with who votes how in future BOG matters?, nah, couldnt be.

Does this mean that Printers was a good omen for the Lions yesterday?

ps. I can't believe he asked to stand on the sidelines, good call by the Lions to make him sit in the stands.

What was he doing there when K.C. was playing?

He's 4th string and on the practice roster. Practice roster players don't travel with the team on the road so he could do pretty much whatever he wanted.