Atrocious and boring

I gotta put my two cents in....the refing in the CFL is brutal. Too many games are won because of stupid calls. Also, the retarded calls these guys are making makes watching the CFL really frustrating and boring. Too many calls that have nothing to do with the game (e.g. illegal use of electronic equipment....what the hell is that?) The games are slowed down, or big plays are denied, because a dumb red / yellow flag is thrown on the field. The CFl will constantly lose fans with this type of idiocy!

Here we go again.....

this site needs a therapy forum. people can spout off all they want, just to get if off their chest, but no one else can respond to it and it is gone after 24 hrs. :thup:

I did it mmmyyyyyy waayyyyyyyy

sound good but you need a minimum of 2 posts before you can do it.

This guy doesnt qualify

9-6 seahawks vs lions....

makes the argos ticats game look exciting..haha

how the fuck are you supposed to ignore the illegal use of electronic equipment penalty? Do you realize how out of hand things would get?

The only brutal refing I seen this wknd was the Colts vs Giants game, with the game on the line the ref calls a brutal offensive interference call on was a bush call...and something you would never see in the good old CFL..

BC got called a few years ago for using the fan-o-metre when the visiting team broke huddle. The refs are doing their jobs.

Yeah Hank, that was a brutal call, more fuel for the “Refs beat my team again” whiners.

I read the topic title and thought this thread was about the Ticat/Argos game.

I think it started out that way and then went side ways!