Atmosphere inside the Dome 2009

What's with the Felions outfits for 2009? They're the worst in years... why change if change is for the worse? And why don't they mingle in the stands like they used to years ago? Put a muzzle on Tim Donovan... we know when it's a crucial 2 down for the opposing team - doesn't have to tell us to crank up the noise and can't tell the difference between operation orange foam football hats and the opening home game giveaway hats that were leftovers and used again for the winning section in game 2. What's with the Subway build a sandwich promo - used to be a real fun event on the field now relegated to the big screen... what a yawner. And the pu truck that shoots out freebies only goes half around the field so the other half gets missed!

I don't mind the uniforms at all.
Donovan is susposed to do just that. Announcers are the same as most other stadiums. Plus, fans in BC generally need a lot of proding to make noise on a good day!
The truck thing is by GM, I really don't think they have the $. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah its not quite as good as previous years but its not bad either.

My problem is with the B.C. Ferry horn, now that's an exciting celebration of a touchdown. :?

I love how a company who gets public money and has a monopoly is using that public money to advertize at games. I'm glad the Lions get the revenue but seriously, what other choice than BC Ferries do we have??? Airlift our cars over with a heavy lift heliocopter???