Atlantic Touchdown - Moncton, NB

If any fans are pissed off about this, sorry but tough luck. As was said there is a 1-800 number, and the league is not running the ticket sales. This website has been used for many heavy-trafficked events in the past.

Simply put - it looks like there aren't enough tickets to meet the demand. That's life. It's also the first step in a number of good things that need to happen for an eventual Maritime franchise. is reporting that 13,000 tix were sold in the pre-sale, so some 7,000 and change left for tomorrow. The article alluded to many of the sales going to Maritime residents. Locals certainly were not precluded from pre-sale eligibility, so if they didn't make use of the pre-sale, they only have themselves to blame.

It's sold-out already! Wow! :thup: :thup:

It's been high time we see something this positive for the future of the CFL with all the otherwise great financial concerns! :rockin:

I saw the headline earlier. That's insane! :lol: Should be a good crowd. :thup:

I wonder whether there is any thought or possibility to add more seats?

...I vote we change the Ottawa Renagades forum to the Atlantic Schooners forum....

...awesome work Eastern Canada, way to go!!!!!....

I AGREE. game sold out in 1 day for the argos and esks.. imagine if they had their own team.. but i guess the stadium is a lil too small for normal games but surely they could expand it by 5 6 7000 if they wanted too.

i agree get a team in there even if they have to play in front of 20,000 fans for a couple of years.

it would be another Sask atmosphere guarenteed.

They are already adding 10,000 temp seats for this, in the endzone area, so I do not think they have room for anything more.

I got my 4 tickets, though in the south end zone. Will be driving from eastern Ontario. Should be a real blast :smiley:

Looks like there's a tremendous demand for tickets and re-sellers are getting $350 for a pair to Atlantic Touchdown.

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Dammit, I should have bought 8 and re-sold them. Coulda made a few bucks.

Subsequent years...

Our tickets just arrived today. Had to settle for end zone seats (bronze) as we had no luck getting the platinums we wanted. Can't wait for the game, 11 of us making the trip to Moncton. Gonna be a blast. I wish Halifax would get it's act together and follow Moncton's lead but I am losing any faith in that ever happening.

What amazes me is this:

Massive hype about the Bills (supposedly heavily supported from southern Ontario) coming to Toronto. Months of buildup, massive amounts of advertising, millions spent to promote, and it essentially flops. Pundits everywhere were bragging about how it would be so popular and then it failed.

Now, we come to Atlantic Touchdown. Fairly short notice in comparison (teams were not even known that far in advance of ticket sales), limited advertising in comparison to the NFL in Toronto hype, and yet it seems like it will be a huge success.

I know there is a difference in ticket prices. BUT, the fact remains that in a region that does not have a CFL team and really, is not that close to one, and is a hotbead for university football, a CFL game sold out incredibly quickly. To me, this is a sign of the CFL giving football fans what they want and actually understanding the market. We finally have some guys in charge that are developing an understanding of what Canadians want, both young and old, when it comes to the CFL product and availability. Every team is getting stronger support because the youth are being brought in as fans.

Congratulations to everyone involved in Atlantic Touchdown. Lets see if we can get the media and everyone else to hype the positives rather than nitpick the negatives on this one.

Touchdown Atlantic CFL Fan Party ! ! ! Sat 25 Sept

Join us at the PumpHouse Brewery at 5 Orange Lane in Moncton on Saturday 25 Sept starting at 6 pm. We will be holding a CFL / Fan party dinner and then go on a pub crawl through the rest of the downtown festival. 8) :cowboy:

Contact me for more details at: :rockin:

I too managed to get 4 tickets. Like many I was too late to get the plats. My biggest peeve was the time they actually went on sale. At ten in the morning unless you had the day off the plats were gone before you could rush home at noon . The only working people with real access to computers at that hour are the office workers, considering I was an Edmonton Season ticket holder for years I can say in all honesty the best football fans are the Blue collar workers, with tickets going on sale at midnight everyone for the most part would have had a fair shot at the plats.

Other than that GO ESKS GO