Atlantic Touchdown - Moncton, NB

Hi, I was just wondering when I can buy tickets for the Atlantic Touchdown in Moncton. I’ve registered on the site in order to buy the tickets 24 hours in advance (today) for which tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow. Anybody have an idea as to how or when I can purchase these tickets today? Thanks very much!!

Never mind, they go on sale tomorrow, not today :roll:

This is the first female commenter I have seen on here. Do post more often welcome! :thup:

There are actually quite a few, although it does seem like less lately. They just don’t all have “girl” in their names

Fredericton , eh? Looks like New Brunswick is another Saskatchewan 8) Moncton Rough Riders?

All kidding aside, that is what makes Moncton attractive as a potential franchise site. While the population itself is too small to support a team, it is within three hours of every major population center in the continental maritimes (and I'm not counting Sydney, NS as "major"). Less than 2hrs from Charlottetown, hour and a half from St. John, hour and 45mins from Fredericton, 2 hours and 30 from Halifax. That's a lot shorter than many SK fans drive for games, and Maritimers are also more used to making the longer drives. If this game does well, corporate interest is piqued (essential) and an ownership group emerges - it could be game on.

Let's hope so. I'm pretty pumped about seeing the Atlantic Schooners make their debut in a few years!!! Maybe that temporary stadium in BC will be shipped out east after this season is over... Either that or it might be for the Argos!

Get your tickets to see the Argos play a "home" game in Moncton, NB vs. the Edmonton Eskimos on Sunday, September 26! As a special benefit, you have the opportunity to purchase Scotiabank Touchdown Atlantic game tickets before they go on-sale to the general public.

Your exclusive window opens at 9:00 a.m. EST this Wednesday, March 24 and is available for 24 hours.

You can purchase your seats by clicking here and using your special access code: Argos2010.

Pre-sale ticket access is for on-line purchases only. Visa, MasterCard and American Express will be accepted; there is a limit of eight (8) tickets per person.

Fans who miss the pre-sale will still be able to purchase tickets beginning Thursday, March 25 by calling 1-888-720-5600 or visiting

Don't miss the action as tickets to this historic game are expected to go quickly!

To review game details, stadium map and ticket information, please visit

It appears that pre-sale tickets may be sold out. They did mention that this accounted for most (but not all) of the capacity. It’s going to be a full house, by the looks of it.

If so, is there room to further expand with temporary additional bleacher seats?

If that's the case that would mean next to no tickets for locals. That would not be smart. Its great that people want to come down for the game but the idea is also to gauge local interest and expose local potential fans to the CFL product.

I haven't been able to pre-purchase tickets either.

As of about an hour ago the Platinum, Gold and Silver sections were all sold out on the presale.

So what we have here is a money maker for the league and the city (hotels and restaurants will be packed) but not really about exposing locals to the CFL. Not saying it is wrong but I will be disapointed at 9am tomorrow is I can't buy any tickets when they go on sale.

Those sections were sold out as of 1 PM Atlantic time. Either it is exceptionally popular or somebody somehow vacuumed up a whole pile of seats. I'm not about to drive from Halifax to sit in the end zone.

If you drive to Halifax you can sit at midfield… LOL !

Come to think of it I paid my favourite motel for two nights already :twisted:

I got my tix today around 1200 AST. It wasn’t easy because the website for the pre-sale kept booting you out just when you were about to purchase. :x

There will be a lot of pissed off fans because of the way the league handled the pre-sale. They should have had a 1-800 number to also pre-order. Not all of us older fans like to buy stuff online. :thdn:

There was a 1-800 number.

Anyway, does anyone know if they actually had ALL tickets in those sections available, or a set number? Because if it's the latter, when it says no tickets are available, it mean the pre-sale allotment is sold out, although there may be others held back for the public sale......

I'll let you know tomorrow morning...

Tickets were held back from the pre-sale allotment:

Though the majority of tickets are available for the pre-sale and participating in that is the best way to ensure you will able to attend (each registrant is allowed to buy a maximum of eight tickets), there will still be tickets reserved for the general public.

"Come Thursday when tickets go on sale for the general public, there's going to be good seats available at all price points, even though the pre-sale is taking place," Ian Fowler, Moncton's general manager of Recreation, Parks and Culture, said this week.

I also don't understand the fear that this game will be filled up with people coming from outside the Maritimes based on the pre-sale. The pre-sale was more heavily promoted in the Maritimes than anywhere, and the pulse of the Argo hardcores in Toronto doesn't suggest that a huge number are planning to head out East. So I think it is safe to assume that most of the pre-sale tickets were sold to Maritimers that registered.

More tickets will be available tomorrow - but they should sell out quickly as well.