Atlantic Schooners

I live out in BC and we get very little info how the Atlantic provinces and the Schooners are coming along. Has the stadium been finalized yet? Last I heard and that goes back a bit was the team would start at one of the university stadiums until the stadium was finished. Is that scenario still on the table? Any info greatly appreciated.

Multiple threads about the Schooners and their make believe stadium around here.

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Halifax won't be in the CFL anytime soon. They are not interested and the CFL should not waste any time with them.

Concentrate on the current 9 franchises staying relevant.

The Atlantic team is better off in Moncton instead

Because of the geography of the Atlantic provinces? Is there a stadium they could play there?

Croix Bleue Medavie Stadium formerly Moncton Stadium. It hosted the Touchdown Atlantic in 2010 and 2011. It seats 10,000, but can expand to 20,000 spectators

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Thanks for all your replies.

Any time. How this answers some of your questions. What is your take on the Atlantic Schooners. I hope they get a team out there

Hi Dave... For more years then I can remember I’ve (actually a few of us living out here in the west) have said the CFL needed a team in Atlantic Canada to make the league truly Canadian. Those exhibition games in 2010 etc to me proved the interest was there. If Halifax is not going to do a stadium what you mention in Moncton sounds doable providing people from the Atlantic provinces can get there. The sooner the better for the league to get a team into Atlantic Canada is my take on the situation.

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If Moncton gets done. It would be temporary. I still think Halifax is the want the CFL desires. If Halifax builds a stadium. It should be a top of the line stadium and they shouldn't cheap out on costs. Halifax could make it like Mosiac Stadium or IG Stadium. Make it worthwhile, Build a superb facility to be worthy of civic pride

Couldn’t agree with you more.

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Schooners are still selling merch and taking seat deposits (changed dates to 2021)
It is obvious will not begin play this year


I love Halifax as a potential CFL site. There are 400 thousand people in the area, plus people will travel there for a weekend sports holiday. First) However Nova Scotia has other priorities, such as healthcare, that limit their abilities to share costs on a stadium. Politicians have no vision IMHO. Second) their front man, Anthony Leblanc, who was leading for a new new stadium - left for the Ottawa Senators last winter. That was the death knell for the Maritime franchise.
I love Moncton, but way too small for the CFL. This circus has been going on for 25 plus years.
Maybe enlightened private investors that can build on the Ottawa model (stadium and retail development, maybe condos?) can get it done. I hope it happens, but realistically probably won’t.
As for the XFL, no way!! You’d be killing Canadian football, for one more of many, many, many failed leagues in the US (USFL,WFL, NFL Europe, NFL Europa, AAF Alliance (2019), XFL #1.
Stay Canadian, expand maybe to Europe.

Well building a new stadium in Atlantic Canada would sure put a lot people to work and boost the economy both in the short and long term. I agree with you about the xfl. Maybe something like soccer, start another league in Mexico or Europe and our Grey Winner meets with that country winner to play for a “CFL World Cup” for lack of a better name.

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CFL is already dying a slow death. The CFL is not willing to spend any money on marketing. Their attitude is that the league is over hundred years old (it isn't really) and that people should automatically pay attention to them. The reality in the big markets is that most people don't even know that they exist. Perhaps if the league stops trying to compete against the NFL and plays from April to Labour day it might actually succeed.

The CFL lives on, buddy. The awarding of the Grey Cup is over a hundred years old. The NFL isn't. You can't drink champagne out of the Vinnie Lombardi. The best they can do is throw it about boats. LOL!

The CFL exist because it's historic. It's amore exciting game than the NFL. The CFL doesn't have to compete with the NFL because it has a the country of Canada behind.

Pay attention and support the glorious game of the CFL instead of falling for the hype of an overrated and corrupt cartel league


I am paying attention. I’m one of the few that actually does. In Toronto they had 8 thousand people attending their games. The CFL is alive and well in the prairies but there are four cities that are on the verge of folding. The owner of the Alouettes just walked away from his team a couple of years ago. The new owners want to be a part of the xfl. The Argos are owned by MLSE, they want to be a part of the xfl. BC owner was great when he was alive but now that he’s gone his family wants to be a part of the xfl. Ottawa is cursed. If they win more than 7 games in a year it’s a minor miracle. Rough Riders folded, Renegades folded and Redblacks on the verge of folding. Schooners have been talked about for 25 years and it will probably be another 25 before they start playing. I’ll see a CFL franchise in Hartford before I see it on the Canadian East coast.

Redblacks aren't on the verge of folding and Braley's kids just turned down 15 million for the Lions. Besides the two MLSE run teams. I doubt any of the other seven teams are interested in becoming an "eX-periment"

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They turned down 15 million because they want 20. They might get it if Red Bird Capital is interested. Then it’ll definitely be 3 teams minimum interested in a merger and they are the ones with the most power.

It’s just a matter of time before Ottawa folds again. The only decent run team in Ontario is the Tigercats.

It was David Braley that turned down the 15 million, not the heirs of the estate. The Braley Family are committed to the BC Lions because their father was committed to the CFL. The late David Braley set up funds to operate the the team for several years after his death. The family would foolish to sell the team with money stashed ahead for future expenditures.

Ottawa is a strong viable franchise. Horne Chen and the Glibermans are long gone from the Ottawa franchise

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