Atlantic Schooners

"300 days a year at drastically reduced costs" is the quote from Jamie Ferguson.

The general public would likely be able to rent as well at full price. I know at one time BMO was available to the public to rent (not sure about now, might have been during the FieldTurf days)

Moshe Lander has never had a single positive thing to say about the CFL. Screw him!

The teams ARE visible in their communities! Some could be more so, I suppose. It's well known which three teams are having the most difficulty at the gate, the three biggest cities, but even there, players from the teams make presentations to schools, participate in charity events, and so on. Roughrider players attend all kinds of events all over the province, all year round! I'm sure the same goes for the other 5 teams I haven't mentioned.

They just cut our garbage pickup to once every two weeks and are going to mothball the Ferries between Dartmouth and Halifax... Sound like a city building a stadium?

Sadly, if it is part of a larger real estate development those are the folks that hold sway with municipal politicians ... it is the commercial sector over which cities hold the most direct control and thereby it is the sector with the most self-interest in supporting "friendly" individuals for election.

I see many Socialis mayors are also using the pandemic to turn streets into bicycle-only streets. The Economic crisis coming will make the health crisis look innocuous.

Don't think that is a left/right political issue ... the rationale is that with social distancing required and traffic volume greatly reduced providing cyclists and walkers additional space to exercise/move-about safely ... once traffic returns to close to normal then the cyclists will undoubtedly push to keep the streets for them ... FYI ... as a small "l" centrist liberal (Red Grit/Blue Tory) I support reasonable use of bike lanes to isolate them and make it safer for both cyclists and drivers but want a route full to overflowing before expanding ... much as I love Field of Dreams it is not just a build them and they will come scenario (IMO) ...

Long bump here. Gary Drummond says the stadium plan is still alive but obviously on the pandemic back burner.

Says they have an idea where they're looking at. Could play in Moncton or St. Mary's while the stadium gets built.

2022 is over optimistic. 2023 may be more realistic depends on how soon Covid subsides and finish the process with the province.


I wish the best for them to get a franchise in Halifax.

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I would have loved to have CFL in Halifax when I was in university there, but I think Halifax will have a hard time supporting a CFL team. It's not cheap, and Halifax just doesn't have the population. It would make more sense to "rent" a team or host a couple of play off games. Selling out a couple of games a year, is much different than selling an entire season.

The Halifax team is going to be a regional based team hence the reason that they will be named the Atlantic Schooners. I think the entire Maritime region will support the Schooners.

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One thing im unclear about is what is meant when people say "visible in the community".
Are we referring to being active in community events or having notoriety?
If Its about being involved in the community then the Argos beat every other team combined. They alone do so much work to the benefit of education programs and shelters. Unfortunately that alone doesnt equate to being emblematic. It doesnt pull their notoriety to the same elevation as other Toronto teams, who are built to be these over the top godly talents.
For the level of clout MLSE has, we dont see them flexing at all for the Argos... Lamentably

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See the Saskatchewan model.
In fact, without comparing the population numbers I would think the Atlantic provinces have a greater base and an equal if not better chance for success.

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Honestly I know that is the dream but I think the transit and infrastructure needs to be built

I once toyed with the fan fiction idea of putting the Schooners on PEI
Then building an Atlantic tunnel to Nova Scotia + New Brunswick (possibly Newfoundland as well)

I think its outrageous but if government ever stepped up I think it would work

The other option is to have a shared team
3 Games per year in Halifax, 3 Games per year in New Brunswick, 1 Game per year in PEI, 1 Game per year in Newfoundland, 1 Game per year in Labrador

The logistics would be a nightmare, and team would play in worst stadiums in the league, but with such limited tickets in each city I think their gates would be quite good

Why doesn't the Irvings and McCain step up by sponsoring the team or contribute in the construction of a stadium? They made enough money from the region over the years. The Gov'ts can only do so much. Especially in times like these


It would be nice, but it's up to SSE and the league to convince them do so. There has to be some value in it for those companies. If they're simply looking to give back to the community, there are probably more beneficial ways to do so.

For what it's worth, I imagine AMJ Campbell will likely be investing signifcantly.

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For that matter, why don't we get the richest person in the country to play a part in this team, that being David Thomson?

After all, as the richest Canadian, he has a moral obligation to help with the the CFL, doesn't he?

For all the riches he has, he only owns 1 pro sports team. And even that I feel was by accident!

Thomson already has invested in pro sports. He owns the Winnipeg Jets.

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Just joined the forum. I was wondering if the league has a future date planned for the inaugural season of this franchise. Right now, I'm thinking nothing before 2025. They need to get corporate support, local/provincial funding for a new stadium that would seat about 20,000-22,000 and get a commitment from season ticket holders for a minimum of 5-7 years.