Atlantic Schooners

Inaugural post.

Where is this franchise?

Interestingly enough this is only the 7th Atlantic Schooners thread to ever be made. I actually expected a lot more…

I searched before I made the thread title… I couldn’t find one… So better start one.

The question remains. Where is it?


As they say … timing is everything… see the other thread " CFL gets Serious"… updated only yesterday as well on the latest concerning a stadium in Halifax.
Until one is built there will be no franchise, named Schooners or otherwise

The other sailing ship. :thup:

Neverland, looking for some fairy dust to fly home to the Maritimes.

Fairy dust or not, it’s got to happen. Where is it?

As was discussed on the Halifax stadium thread, no chance of the city or the province funding a stadium and with a large older baby boomer/retiree population, they haven’t got much chance of a CFL team

The Atlantic Snoozers :slight_smile:

At the bottom of the Atlantic

Remember, they won 7 straight Grey Cups from 1983-1989 after they picked up Joe Montana after he was cut by the 49ers after the 1980 season…he would have never made it in the NFL, but he sure mastered the CFL game!!!

1983 GC: Schooners-5,Stamps-1
1984 GC: Schooners-5, Roughriders-1
1985 GC: Schooners-44, Eskies-2
1986 GC: Schooners-88, Lions-4
1987 GC: Schooners-134, Bombers-8
1988 GC: Schooners-23, Lions-22
1989 GC: Schooners-222, Cumberland-0

they play out of atlantis

Neptune is GM and Aquaman is the HC.


But if the Feds and Irving Oil can ever get that pipe line going and flowing with Alberta crude maybe they can finally get a Stadium built.

and ronan dex is the star slotback.

Very dangerous team in wet conditions…

Haven’t heard any updates of late. Where is it? What’s happening? Tweeting McNeil & Savage?

Good logo Bobo. :thup: Keep them coming.


Totally awesome!!!

How disappointing is it going to be if the eventual Maritime team (knock on wood) is not named The Atlantic Schooners?


Terrible name and worse logo.
It will sink like a stone.