Atlantic Schooners were a CFL Team in 1984

Ok I just found this.
Atlantic Schooners Joined the CFL as an expansion team in 1984 and then the team folded in 1984.

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  1. dont trust wikipedia
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They folded before they even started

Just like the first incarnation of the San Antonio Texans in 1993

Actually, Wiki got this right. Our original poster probably didn't catch the word 'conditional'.

The Atlantic Schooners was a conditional Canadian Football League expansion team in 1984, to play out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Schooners folded before they played a single game because the owners of the team (led by J.I. Albrecht) couldn't secure the financing for a new stadium for the team.

Didn't Albrecht later go on to own the Argos in the pre-Sherwood Schwartz years?

Oh I saw the words conditional. I just wanted to point this out to everyone.
IF Halifax wants a team so bad then why are they still waiting for a team 22 years later.
I like the idea of Moncton and Halifax sharing home games.