Atlantic Schooners - The Race to 2021

There is a lot of news as of late on the Schooners causing a number of emotions with future fans.

Here is my recent blog on the team.

Did we really need a second thread?

What exactly do you mean???

I just posted this blog for those to read if you choose not to Don’t.

I suspect he means this thread:

It’s extensive.


18 posts and your biting back?!

We have a thread where newcomers looking for info on the team can access links to EVERY single article that’s been published for the last 3 years. So you would be doing these folks a favor by posting in the same tread.

Look I’m new to this forum still trying to figure things out not biting anyone…ha


And it was only a few threads away when the new thread was posted.

exactly. Lot of news?? or reruns from the 80’s. Lets be positive but 2031 is closer.
Money, new state of the art stadium, fan support, sponsorship, actual owners!! Did I mention money?? Same old same old. Sorry.