Atlantic Schooners Re-Brand

I'd love to see a team Down East; and I'm tired of looking at that 1982 logo! So:

Why Winnipeg's colour scheme ?

Yeah, I'd like to see the Schooners wear purple like the Vikings, complete the CFL Rainbow.

Ask the guys who came up with original logo!


Ease up, it was just a question.

You changed the logo, I presume you are able to change the colours too, if you wished, so I was just curious as to why you didn't change the colour scheme. If you didn't want to change it because you like it in blue and gold, fine, if you didn't want to change it because you just didn't think of doing so, again fine. Sorry if it bothered you that I had the temerity to ask.


I like it.
I hope that Moncton will use this.

Might as well change the team name too. I suggest the Halifax Sinking Ships.

Reference to the history of Halifax as well as the likely fate of any expansion team in the Maritimes.

Hadn't even thought of a colour change. Just updating the logo. Food for thought.... or the eyes.

Blue bombers’ colours with the argos’ boatmen theme and another ‘A’ logo.
No thanks.

I’ve always hated everything about the ‘atlantic schooners’ concept.


AND a Mascot!!!!!!

I fiddled around with the colours of the old Schooners logo awhile back as I really don't think we need another team with navy blue as their main colour. I tried aquamarine with the white and gold and it looked good. I do hope that if there is a francise in the Maritimes that they won't use the Schooners name, it's the name of a failed francise and isn't really a good football team name IMO.
I do agree with a previous poster that purple would be a good colour for an expansion team, as no other team in the CFL uses that colour and therefore would look unique. If a team were to go with a nautical theme, then I would suggest using aquamarine instead of navy (or dark) blue.

How about brown? Hardly any sports teams use brown as their primary colour. . .

You never know what will happen, maybe David Braley will move the Argos down there. Probably just as many CFL fans down east as there are in Toronto.

I like the 4 waves

Originally they were to represent the 4 Atlantic provinces the team was to represent

... and there's a good reason for that!

Those were waves? I always thought they were trained Belugas!!!

Anyway, there are 4 sails.

For colours, blue red yellow and white appear on all 4 provinces flags

Food for thought

I can't see any way that Moncton will ever be looked at seriously to get a CFL franchise. No way in my opinion that fans from away are going to consistantly make the trip to and from Moncton and by itself Moncton can't support a team. The 1 game a year scenario works well but try 10 or 11 and see what happens. If a team should go anywhere out here it needs to be HRM. Just a matter of somehow getting a stadium which really needs to happen for the area anyhow.

Wanted. Small Schooners button for hat.

I think that a tem named the Browns uses the color brown. A good colour for football played in mud. There colors are always there.