Atlantic Schooners/Ottawa Rough Riders

Worst.....thread......ever....... :thdn:

kinda sounds like comic book guy! i thought would try to semi save it by talking ottawa football again. aparently i failed.

I was channeling him... :lol:

...and thanks to middle-aged spread, I'm starting to look like him......


It was. Same with Toronto. But let's not use too many facts in this thread. It's quite obvious there's a lot of ignorance among some of these posters. I never understood why Ottawa gets such a "rough ride" (pun fully intended, lol) from CFL fans from other teams. It's pretty hypocritical and very short sighted to bash Ottawa incessantly given the circumstances faced in that market.

You're fully delusional if you think that if the situation in Ottawa was applied in any of the other CFL cities, the result would be any different.

People of Atlantic Cananda and overall expansion with the CFL which has been talked adnauseam.
It's time to put up or shut up, enough already.
I am hoping that the great people of Moncton will step up after this years game, although it has been eerily quiet since the sale for tickets has gone out and the unsurprising results of the game not selling out. Not even of late?
Does anyone have any news?
Will this have an adverse effect of the expansion talk which was buzzing after last years quick sale and wonderful presentation which I was a witness of.
Where do we go from here is the $64,000 question?

From what I have been told, there has been almost no advertising or publicity for the Touchdown Atlantic game since the tickets originally went on sale. With all but a couple thousand tickets selling that first day, and no advertising since, I think most fans in the area believe the game to be sold out.

One is the supporter of the political party (big C) and the other isn't (small C). Not to mention that there are several types of small C conservatives. It simply isn't a cut and dried definition. Which is why you can have conservatives in the Liberal party, and liberals in the Conservative party (A.K.A. a pink Tory).

:thup: Perfectly said.

With the right guy in charge (and I think Jeff Hunt is that guy), the team can be successful, IMO. The league is doing everything right to ensure that this is a success. This is not a cash grab like previous expansion efforts were. The league is in pretty good financial shape. Yes, it could be better, but right now the CFL is as popular as ever. Ottawa will be given every chance to succeed, and I think they will succeed. Can't wait for their return.

I predict that Ottawa will succeed, but it won't be an overnight success. I also believe that the right ownership team is in place and they will have the patience to see the franchise through any "rough rides" (love that pun!) until the new generation of fans starts to buy tickets en masse. That will take at least 10 years though. On the other hand, the Grey Cup in Ottawa should have a huge effect in spurring excitement that will translate into season ticket sales down the road.

It's kind of the other way around. People would avoid buying tickets because they knew Lonie would run the team into the ground. Those people won't feel the same about Jeff Hunt, who has a far better image and history of fan-friendliness.

Now I know that sounds self-defeating. If you don't buy tickets, you risk the team will fold. But at the end of the day, you have two options:

a) Keep pouring money into something that is not enjoyable, by which you actually encourage the jackassery.
b) Stop paying into it and hope that said jackasses get the message and finally become compentent.

Sorry, but either way you lose. I would have no argument against someone who told me I was an idiot to buy tickets during the 2005 season. I could argue that maybe if more people took my position, we'd still have a team. But not that it would be one worth paying for repeatedly.

It's one thing to expect people to tolerate the cyclical "rough patch", but it's a lot harder when there's no indication that the rough patch will ever end. You've got to give people some hope that things will be better if you hang in there. Jeff Hunt does. Lonie, Watters, and all their predecessors right back to Lonie again did not.

wow. the uninformed statements in this thread are mindboggling.

ez football seems to have slept through the last few years.

sambo's statement that ottawa's attendance of 18,000ish means they are doomed is ridiculous comming from a rider fan whose team didn't have much better attendance that same 2005 year. :roll:

the riders are an example of how quickly attendance can change with winning. why wouldn't ottawa be the same?

and the randomness that was the statement about the conservatives made my head spin.

So which team folded that year, DG? :expressionless:

I didn't say they are doomed, I'm saying that liking the owner doesn't necessarily translate into massive ticket sales... it could, but Ottawa fans are more fickle and wary than another city might be, because of past failures.

well they have the worst team in the NHL right now so they might be looking for a winning team to follow.

A team in Ottawa , Maritimes, and _____________ two U.S. teams ( I would think NY, NY and L.A.)

My CFL fantasy league.

Ottawa's not the worst team in the NHL. That dubious honour goes to the Oilers.

wich cheese goies best with the cfl? I think pepperjack

What does the CFL have to do with a cheese named after Monterey, California and a guy named Jack and inflected with hot peppers? Take out the peppers and all you're left with is Monterey Jack, which is one of the most tasteless cheeses I've ever eaten. I wouldn't want to be associated with that.

I'm guessing there's some sort of joke behind your question, but if you're asking seriously, I would pick something more indigenous to Canada, like Oka cheese from Quebec. (On a related note, other than some decent aged cheddars, the best Canadian-made cheeses I've had came from Quebec).

They did finish last, however I enjoyed their effort. Lets Go Oilers :thup: I know It's off topic.

Not really a joke of an sort. This thread is the most rediculous ever... So I decided to take it to a stupider level

Yeah, but we got another first rounder, so it's all good! :smiley: