Atlantic Schooners Logo and Uni (Hooray for Expansion!)


Hello all you CFL expansion nuts! (and to all you expansion haters who can't help but read every expansion post)

In the past I haven't been fond of the Atlantic Schooners name, but It's grown on me. So I made a logo and uniform. I kept the colours (grey, black, and brass) that the team supposedly would have fielded had the franchise gotten off the ground. Enjoy!

Love it, but im not to sure about Grey Jerseys

not bad. i find the A S in the logo could be abit hard to read if it was small on a helmet.

i would agree about the grey jerseys. not sure. i seem to remember ottawa had them for awhile and they didn't look so hot. they looked like dirty white jerseys.

I like it. I always toyed with designing jerseys that were grey/ash/charcoal in colour. It’s certainly a unique scheme. Excellent logo. Good job!

Nice but too close to the TiCats I think. Purple coloured or a version thereof would be more unique I think.

How about Teal,black,and brass?

Actually, I believe the original colours were Navy, Silver, and Gold. Navy was the main colour, and helmet (and presumably the pants) were to be silver (judging from the helmet websites that show it). Gold was just used as trim around the logo and probably the numbers.
Nothing wrong with your design, though if I were to use grey, it would be with Navy not black.
I also think the original logo was a bit better.

Here's the image you find on most helmet websites. The main colour is definately Navy (from the logo and facemask).
The helmet could be silver or grey, hard to tell, but either would work.

I think the logo without the lettering would work better.

I was thinking that changing the gold trim to green, giving the team colours navy blue, silver, and green, would look nicer and be unique.

Founded 1984
Folded 1984
Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
League Canadian Football League
Colours Black, silver, gold, white and blue

Owner(s) J.I. Albrecht Folded due to no Stadium

[url=] ... /20071124/[/url]

Face book Group

[url=!/group.php?gid=2478886592] ... 2478886592[/url]

You'll see the Atlantic Schooners by the end of the decade. IMO It's going to happen!!

Oh ya, it will happen. Me so horny for expansion!

Also, I like both logos... The old & the new. Nice job!!!