Atlantic Schooner Clarifcation

Dear Fans

My Name is John Ryerson and I would like to clear up any misunderstanding regarding the Schooners not coming to Montreal this :smiley: year. When becoming a part of a Grey Cup Celebration you must work through the Committee and this year there was no contact info listed anywhere for the committee members. Keep in mind you must obtain there approval to be a part of their festival . We finally established contact in August we were preparing to work with the committee and working on an idea of partnering with via rail to have a train starting in Halifax and stopping at Moncton en route to Montreal. Calling the train? the Schooner Express?. This was of course only in the planning stages. What happened next was nothing…no return calls, no emails, no contact. With time running short for us we contacted the Great Rider People and they gave us another contact name and we went on to plan for our venue. We only asking for help at this late date in finding a venue.. We didn’t and have never asked for any form of monetary support for any Grey Cup Program. When you’re from Halifax and try to set up an event in another city without having the infrastructure such as the other teams have, it’s tough. Without logistical support it’s close to impossible.
We have had contact this week with the Grey Cup Committee and have agreed that it was a communication problem that was regrettable.
I hope this answers some of the questions. Schooners still love Montreal’ers Go Al’s Go!