Atlantic game

Wouldn't it be great to have a train pick up fans across Cda for this game!! Show the Maritimes we welcome them. Could start in Van, or at least Edmonton

You won't need a train now, game was sold out in less than 36 hours. :rockin:

what would be a good team name WHEN you get your team?

Why do they not add more seats for the game?

It would work for some coming from Halifax and Montreal. No direct train from Quebec City. Vancouver would take 5 days and 3 trains.... Big country and very slow trains

They have added 10,000, all in the endzones. Maybe they can squeeze in a few more. Looking at the layout, there might be space for another 1,000 or so. But I am not sure about the backroom facilities, such as concessions, parking, etc. The game day experience has to be good. I would rather see them err on the side of caution, than try to squeeze in too many. I assume they have done the math on the dollar side.

One thing I remember from temp seats being put in at Taylor Field is that every time they were used, there was a very hefty extra insurance bill. They had a 2,000 seat stand and it takes close to a third of the seats being filled just to pay off the insurance costs.

While I love the "Atlantic Schooner" group, I can't say the say for the same for the name, Atlantic Schooners. Schooners and sailing ships were built all along the shores of NB, PEI, and NS. However, the two major cities that are likely to ever have any hope for expansion, Moncton and Halifax were not huge shipbuilding cities.

Halifax has always been associated with the shipping industry wrt cargo and movement of goods/trading. She also has a rich Naval Heritage dating back to the mid 1700's when Edward Cornwallis first established a Royal Navy Base there. Lots of other history with pirates and privateers as well.

Moncton has always been known as the Hub of the Maritimes. This great little city used to be the crossroads for rail travel in the Maritimes to all points out: PEI, NB, NS, and connections to ship travel to NFLD. Moncton had one of the largest CN Rail repair shops in Canada until it closed down in the mid 80's.

I can't stand the name Atlantic Schooners for the fact that it is a name associated with past failure when Halifax was almost granted a franchise back in the 80's that never came to be.

These are just some of my suggestions and are only my opinion and others have had some great names for potential teams as well:

-Atlantic Privateers
-Halifax Corvettes(Corvettes were Navy escort ships in WWII for the N.Atlantic convoys)
-Moncton Railmen

A name that I have seen over on the skyscraperpage site a few times is the New Brunswick Express, in honour of Moncton's history as a rail hub.
As long as any team doesn't get named "Atlantic" or "Maritime", or have a nickname already being used by an existing club, it will be fine with me. The local and provincial governments have been instrumental in getting to this point, and will have to continue being so in order to get a team. Unlike seemingly every other part of the country, the taxpaying public seems to be behind them. The team should carry the New Brunswick or Moncton name in honour of those who have fought to get it and will have to provide most of the support for it to succeed.


New Brunswick Ironclads (please forgive the unfortunate orange background):

Atlantic Schooners:

I Agree with you !

Sure, lets drop the Maritimes or Atlantic. Whoever gets the next team should get the credit:
-Moncton Express ( I like that one)
-Halifax Privateers
-Quebec ???