atlantic football

will there a be a new stadium deal in halifax by 2007 , i don't think so ! realisticly it would be by 2007 built by 2009 would be more like it . it would have to be in halifax ,i don't think moncton would be a good fit .look forward to seeing the team grow in the next few years . the support looked very good 11000, fans . but will 20000 fans come consistently.

dude...check out the threads...thgis has been covered...

covered by who you and me , and the people on here . thats kind of funny really who cares what is said on here . if its been covered as you say then they would be playing a league game there in a new stadium by know not an exhibition game . and 11000 is nothing . were there thousands of fans still wanting to get tickets or did they barely sell these dude it has not been covered if it has this would be cleared up its been many years that this has been on the table with no results . .........covered ! your in the dark my friend!!!!!!!!!!

I mean the topic...on this forum...ahhh fergit it.... :roll:

I swear there are too many topics on expansion! Finding an already existing thread and continue it! Where are the lazy moderators to lock double threads all it does is cloud up the message boards.