Atlantic Canadian CFL fans Snubbed

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Atlantic Schooners Football Association
John Ryerson
Toll Free 1-877-222-0955

I have spent 9 months trying to get some form of assistance with the logistics of coming to Montreal and have been unable to get anywhere and I mean anywhere.

Countless emails and phone calls went unanswered.

Any name I did get, after we ask for assistance seems to
have fallen into a black hole never to be heard from again.

This has happened on several occasions.

I sit back and ask the question "why" or better yet "how" could this happen.

It's not like we were asking for money or anything for free, we just needed help
understanding the program and the lay of the land so to speak.....

Our support team which consists of volunteers from all across Canada
have collectively decided not to attended the Grey Cup in Montreal this Year.

We will make the reasons why we not be attending available to the general public
and our supporters in an open letter which will posted on our website November 1st.

Our website has received over 23,456 hits since August
asking if the Atlantic Schooners would be at Grey Cup Montreal.

That's too bad, sounds like an interesting venue. I checked out their website and it could definitely use a little help on that front.

They put out a press release on the 12th of November stating that they will post their reasons on the 1st of November!


what's this about?

Thats kinda my point!

He complains about something but doesnt say what

Don't know what is going on here but are they asking for financial assistance in getting the people involved with this to Montreal? That would be sort of strange I think if this was the case as I'm sure people involved with other teams activities don't get financial assistance.