Atlantic Canada population estimates

The new population estimates have been released by StatsCan.

In light of Moncton's first regular season game and the promise of a possible franchise there some day, here are the new population numbers for the region.

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Not including P.E.I. (which grew by 600 people), population growth in this region is very, very low, and is driven mostly by immigration. This means that many young people are leaving the region. Anything that can be done to stem that outward flow should be done lest the region continue to be economically depressed. This will require increased efforts to attract business and gain jobs.

Another way to look at it is that there is a great diaspora of east coasters around the country that might cheer on their old regions team!

Seems to me their is another example in the CFL of this

I'm absolutely certain that's the case leeing. I'm even sure there would be many fans not from East coast who would cheer a team there, but how many of those fans would attend games in Moncton (or wherever in the Maritimes) on a regular basis? That's why the local population is so important. These numbers are also an indication of the future of the population in the region, and over the long term the numbers may even indicate a trend, such as how well the region holds on to its fan base, and whether or not it is developing new fans who are staying in the region.

With a population of apx 2.3 million in the Maritimes, according to the stats presented by Rpaege and only 750,000 (apx) in New Brunswick, it appears the smart play for any new CFL franchise operator who plans to base a team in Moncton is to make this a Regional team ala' the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the Minnesota Vikings and market the team throughout ALL of Atlantic Canada.

I dont know how easy it is to readily travel from Newfoundland-Labrador to Moncton but my guess is thats apx 500,000 people that might be counted on for a TV audience, but not too many fannies in the seats. So it would be imperative for the future owner to make sure everyone in Nova Scotia feels that this is Atlantic Canada's team, the Maritimes team, not Moncton's team or New Brunswick's team.

Moncton may enjoy competing with Halifax economically and for pride of place as the center of the Maritimes, but they might do well to soft pedal that if they want any eventual future team they might obtain to succeed economically as well. Almost 950,000 people right down the road from Moncton in Nova Scotia... makes it a lot easier to sell tickets and merchandise if they reach out on a Regional basis.

It looks like with 1.7 million in NB and NS that any future Moncton team should have at least a reasonable chance of duplicating the Saskatchewan experience... if they dont let that city rivalry or provincial line get in the way.

If I were to be owner I would pick out every major city in the Maritimes and open a PR/ merchandise/ ticket outlet... try my best to reach out to everyone, everywhere. It sounds like common sense... but for years in my lifetime clever promotion in pro sports was limited to putting the words "Game Tonight" on the Marquee and hoping for the best.