Atlantic Canada expansion

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I know this is in the past regarding these games. Do we know how much Nova Scotia, city of Halifax (and any other city if applicable) was pledging towards the games?

The feds policy IIRC is to match the combined public funds of the other levels of governments dollar for dollar. So it the maximum NS and any other city(ies) we're willing to spend was 400 million than that's the max the feds would provide.

But they also contributive to a max of 2 per decade. With the 2010 winter games in Vancouver, there was no way the feds to we're going to support both.

With that in mind, Ontario saying no to the 2030 Commonwealth Games may lead to a stadium solution in Calgary as Alberta is in the early exploration stage.

"MacDonald said the province was committed to contributing $300 million to the Games, with Ottawa pledging $400 million if Halifax won. The city was to kick in $200 million, leaving a shortfall of about $600 million."

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I lived thru the Renegades/ Lonie Glieberman/ it was bad, It does deserve its own thread, LOL

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Why no interest in St Johns, Newfoundland as a potential future location. Can't see anything Halifax has that St Johns could not do just as well. Or maybe Newfoundland and Labrador is not Atlantic enough.

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400k vs 115k population.

AND ... ever so slightly more difficult to draw fans from outside the city, or the province.

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Plus the stadium announcer would need a translator for the rest of the country. :laughing:


There is no history of organized football in Newfoundland. Their sports are hockey, rugby, and soccer.
IIRC, King George V Stadium in St. John's is the oldest soccer- specific stadium in english-speaking North America. It's more surprising that they don't have a CPL franchise, although a team's travel costs would be high.

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While the Mayor of Halifax made many poor decisions over his tenure the audit of the Pan Am games proved he made the right decision. Halifax was offered 400 million dollars the Games ended up costing over 2.5 BILLION dollars! Can you imagine 250 000 Tax payers on the hook for 2.1 billion dollars debt. It took the Province of Quebec 25 years to get out from under their 1 billion dollar debt.

If every province was as frugal and responsible as Nova Scotia and a couple others, this country would be in very different shape today. Our military would not have to clean feces and finger nails off the walls of long term care home and our hospitals would not be falling appart.

Our audit shows that the total cost of the Games (including organizing and hosting the Games, and the Athletes' Village) was about $2.529 billion, and when compared to our adjusted bid budget of $2.187 billion, the Games came in at $342 million or 15.6% over budget.Jun 8, 2016

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I don't think it is very useful because Ottawa being the 9th. franchise does not give you the extra 3 hours a week of live sports that a tenth franchise does. Adding a tenth franchise gives you five games a week to broadcast that would allow the CFL to split its TV right two ways if Sportsnet/TVAsports are interested and then it becomes very much a money maker or at the very least finances the project.

You have been parroting that debunked false information for years on here and when the young man politely corrects you with the facts, you make a moron of yourself.

NOT Nice!
What you just posted is debunked false information
the moron comment is totally uncalled for

Both Ottawa and Hamilton had bids in on those games along with Halifax
All 3 cities were in need of new Stadiums
Halifax won the bid and then bailed out at the last hour.
So instead of Hamilton or Ottawa getting to bid for the games, they went to Glasgow

So when you posted that "Hamilton was gifted a $200M Stadium"

I brought the fact up that Halifax had their chance and declined at the last hour

Now it looks like the CFL is going to "gift" Halifax a 10th franchise,
I guess we will see what happens next

and (for the record)
I want Halifax to have a CFL team
The question is
Does Halifax want a CFL team?

Not sure if that the league has in mind for SMU is anything like the Vancouver CPL team's stadium, but here are some photos of their progress:

This is a rendering of the end product:


This is a small part of an interview with Rob Friend of six five sports on the Vancouver (Langley Township) stadium. Project cost (not including prep work) probably is around 10 million. The last sentence indicates a stadium they do, could be used both by the CPL Wanderers and a CFL team.

Friend said funding for large scale sports infrastructure is not generally a priority for municipalities, but the low cost of a modular build could change that.

“With the lack of public funding going into, let’s call it entertainment infrastructure, I think this is going to be the way forward because you get what you need at a 10th of the price.”

Don’t let the low cost fool you – the venue will be replete with all the amenities that make a world class stadium, he added.

There will be a home for supporters’ groups, a Cabana Club, a VIP dining and Tunnel Club-style experience, a family zone, several entertainment plazas and a designated area for a food truck festival on each match day.

Friend said he also envisions it as being a venue for other events.


I believe this is the size of what the Halifax Wanderers already have. 6500.

That's right, the capacity was something like that. However, the company building this modular style stadium can do larger capacity ones too.

I've been envisioning something more like what we saw at Acadia last year, and what was put up around the Moncton stadium: basically just bench bleachers and a scaffolding frame. But something like Tempire and this modular one would be much nicer for fans (though likley much more expensive).

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They can go to 20,000 if memory serves me correctly. Not sure what happened out here but originally it was going to be 7,500 (and they were still planning that figure in Feb/March) but for whatever reasons it got scaled back to 6,500. I believe the design they choose can be enlarged over time to 10,000.


or the thousand is special seating that won't be counted? I haven't been in a suite or whatever they are having so I don't know how it works.

Not really a fan of the League taking the forefront on this, but happy to hear that SSE is no longer involved. There are wealthy families in the Region, and I think if a Downtown Development is tied to the Stadium that we could actually see it happen.

Shannon Park could have been great, but it's understandable why the City of Halifax would prefer something Downtown.

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