Athletes decline to carry Maple Leaf

What are your thoughts?

who cares...the olympics are a bunch of sports noone watches ( exception to hockey ) thrown together in one event every 4 years, to draw attention and money.

other than olympic hockey, i dont give a rats @ss about them.

Even though I don’t like a lot of the sports, I still watch it a lot just to see how Canada does.

I watch the olympics because I do like to watch the sports involved.....and I support the decisions the athletes have made regarding flag-bearing.....several athletes don't even attend opening ceremonies - especially when they have events within the next two days. Focus is key in individual sports, and anything that can put that focus into jeopardy should be - and usually is - avoided.

What a bunch of bums. If it wasn't for Canada they wouldn't be there. If they are not willing to carry the flag then they shouldn't be able to represent there country period. I always thought that what the olympics were about national pride. I read that article, they sounded like a bunch of babies. Talk about no pride their country. Those people are losers, i say death by firing squad. I wonder how many Canadians would die for the opportunity to carry the flag in the olympics.

What is it with you and bitterness lately, Peter? No national pride? Are you kidding me? Death by firing squad?? Aren't you a tolerant one.....I, for one, think that perhaps you should wait until you are an olympian who has the opportunity to carry the flag before you so blatantly call people down.....I wouldn't die to carry a flag in the Olympics.....never.....

I absolutely love watching the olympics. Both winter and summer. Honestly there is very few things that I would rather watch on TV. I completel;y understand the atheletes that cannot do it. I was suprised that Russ Howard declined, and that he has to concentrate on curling. I curl, not nearly as competitive as Russ obviously, but I curl, and doing something like that 2 days before I compete would be no problem for me. I just think he would have trouble walking with the flag around a hole track

Sorry i' am not politically correct. When it comes to national pride i have no tolerance for people that are too lazy to carry the flag. That's one of the biggest honor a person could get in the olympics is to carry there countries flag in the opening ceremonies. What a slap in the face to all the people who have made sacrifices to make Canada as great as it is. I' am not even Canadian and i would be honored to carry the flag. Those people don't want to carry the flag, are being disrespectful to Canada. So what if you get a little tired carrying a flag, that is the least you can do for your country. To steal a line form the great JFK

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." I guess this doesn't apply to those bums. Pure selfishness.

I don't see it as disrespectful at all. The biggest honour is to go and represent your country, not carry some flag in a mean-nothing ceremony. They are already doing a service to their country simply by being there. What, are you going to look down on the NHLers because they aren't able to carry the flag either? What a load of crap you're spewing. I know a past Olympian, and although he wasn't asked, he showed no interest in carrying the flag either. His pride came from simply being there.

it would be an honour if it was something other than the olympics...olympics is a big scandel.

…when it come to flag-waving…Canadians aren’t as ferverent in doing so…and do not put as much importance on flag waving as Americans…I think it starts from school age…but because we don’t wave it and have the Maple Leaf displayed on every thing imaginable…never mistake that as a lack of pride,caring, and love for our country…we practice our national pride a little differently that’s all…a little quieter and not so flashy…as Americans…but definitely as reverent… in the final analysis…OUR FLAG WILL BE THERE. and take it’s rightful place in the olympics… :wink:

hasn't everybody who has carried the flag of late......prove to have really disappointing oylmpics????.......maybe its cursed

If Americans maybe followed this example, maybe they wouldn't be as hated in so many countries.

not trying to start a I hate USA thread, as I don't, I am just stating the truth.

What sport is not there to attract money?
Especially the NHL.

Any athlete who declines to carry the flag shoud be but on the next plane home!!!!!

These athletes, especially the ones competing in events so quickly after the opening ceremoines have to be at their best to compete. They have worked their whole lives, growing, maturing in their sport to the point where they are good enough, no great enough to compete with the best in their sport. Why would they want to take any chance of ruining their chances of winning? Why would they not want to be at their absolute best? I understand carrying the flag for your country would be a honour but not at the expense of what they worked so hard to get. Also most Canadian athletes that are asked to carry the Canadian flag have a shot at winning gold and I believe it would be more of an honour to stand at attention while your flag got raised and your anthem played at arguably the most prestigious event your sport has to offer. I also believe that if you asked any of these athletes to carry the flag at the closing ceremonies, when it won't effect what they worked so hard for, they would jump at the chance.

How will it affect their proformance?
The fact od the matter is that the Canadain flag bearer has not won a gold medal in years and they feel they are cursed. So the kiddiees dont want to carry the flag

Ship em home

You don't think a long day of marching around a stadium and staying up late will effect them when they have an unbelievably gruelling race 48 hours away. 15 km of cross-country against the best athletes the world has to offer and Scott has the opportunity to bring home the gold medal. Why would she not want to do everything in her power to be fully prepared and to be at her best for that event. Why would any athlete not want to be at their best for their event? Ship them home because they used their freedom to express that they don't want to do something, that is not a country I want to live in. I have national pride, a lot of it, and I would rather hear our national anthem and flag raised then to watch someone carry our flag into the stadium. The olympics are not about the opening ceremonies or the closing ceremonies it is about athletes competing for a country they love and respect and doing everything in their power to do the best for that country in their event.

Death by firing squad? You have to be kidding me, what kind of country do you think we live in. If you are unaware in Canada we have the freedom to make our own legal choices and our government doesn't dictate to us what we should and should not be doing. I am proud to be a part of this country where an athlete has the right to say no and is able to be at their best when competing in the sport they have loved and been apart of their whole live. A sport where having their national anthem play just for them has been their dream ever since they were 5 years old. If you want to live in a country where they persecute you because you made a choice there are many countries out there like that. Just be prepared that life will be a whole lot different then the cushy life you have in this great, great country we call home.

There are going to be marching anyways at the opening ceremony
Funny how they want to hear the anthem but dont want to carry the flag. Believe me when I say I prob have more pride than you do but anyone who refused the HONOUR of carrying the flag of the country who payed for the training and their cost of living so they could live their dream doesn't deserve to be there!!!

no actually ro, some of them will not be marching. When Brassard caried it in 98, he was the only freestyle skier there. why because the FS venue was not very close to where the opening ceremony was. Lots of atheletes do not go to the opening or closing ceremony. A lot of those people are coaches and trainers.

And how the hell can you say that you have more pride then anyone?? Thats a BS statement if I ever heard it.