Athlete's Corner

Fellow athletes, back me up on this one.

Young athletes play with fire in their eyes, and there is nothing more exhilirating than clicking with a team full of like-minded, energetic, and ambitious peers.

Perhaps inserting Chang is exactly what the Ti-Cats need in terms of a mental boost. Think about it. The young guns on any team feed off of each other's triumphs, and pick each other up when they're down. With Timmy in the line-up, I see players like Bauman, McKay and Moreno elevating their game even more.

Your teammates become your peers, who in turn become your close friends. The older vetrans may not see much action, but their presence in the locker room, in practice, and on the sidelines is invaluable to the rookies' overall development.

That, my friends, is the making of a championship team in any sport.

I do argee but Jason still has that fire in his Eye's. when i meet with him last year your not going to see a guy more hungry to get this team to the grey cup he is playing better. Trust me it not his falut

Younger athletes also look up to and respect the more veteran athletes they compete with. Heck, it's not as if we have Grandpaw (Damon Allen) as our QB...

What you say may be true but Maas is still a relatively young veteran. We aren't talking grandpappy Damon Allen here. :wink:

However, I think athletes respond to other guys on the team who they see can help them win so for that reason, I'd consider Chang or even Williams just to change the scenario.

An Argo-Cat fan

Vets get respect when they have a history of playing well. If they don't they are far from role models to the up and commers. Respect is earned thru performance not tenure

Just plain silly, argo.

A player does not get tenure without his performance recognized positively.

Go take a bath!

Actually its not lame. There are plenty of vets that have done very little that could be classified as exceptional. In fact backups in every position on every team are filled with nondescript vets

I think personality has a lot to do with how a veteran is treated in the locker room. They may not all be stars on the field, but maturity, experience, and a good attitude can make a huge impression on a crop of rookies.

That is very true. It is also possible that they could be resented and ridiculed. Players that act like and get treated like stars but play like backups are afforded the latter

It's too bad Morreale and Hitch aren't around for a little mental guidance, I'm sure some of the young guns would appreciate it.