Atendance through week 4

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Averages through Week 4, and compared to last year at this time (two home games each).

Montreal - 20,202 ----- (no change)
Toronto - 29,672 ----- (up 442 per game = +2%)
Hamilton - 20,731 ----- (down 4,140 per game = -17%)
Winnipeg - 26,445 ------ (down 3,088 per game = -11%)
Saskatchewan - 28,800 ------ (up 2,379 per game = +9%)
Edmonton - 32,207 ------ (down 7,665 per game) = -19%)
Calgary - 30,638 ----- (up 1,985 per game = +7%)
British Columbia - 35,494 ----- (up 4,525 per game = +15%)

League wide - 28,023 ----- (down 695 per game = -2%)

An Argo-Cat fan

Minus two league wide is disappointing. Especially considering scoring is up this year, TSN stepped up, no team is in financial trouble (that we know of) a great Grey Cup 2007, and naughty cheerleaders getting attention.

Edmonton usually has a few big games where they average well over 40,000 so their average will go up significantly. The labor day games are also big draws so I wouldn't be surprised if the average at the end of the year is actually up on the whole.

The drop in attendance in Edm., I believe, can be accounted for by the Thursday night, late start (8pm mdt) home games.

A 2% change is negligible.

surprisingly quiet re: ticats drop in attendance. it is early ... but methinks this reflects the ticket pricing changes in conjunction with less-than-stellar on field performance over the last couple of years. i know our old box I seats remain unfilled! the same appears looking across at the south side stands.

2% is nothing.

Think about it... Montreal still has their end-of-year game at the Big O and we still have the labour day games coming up.

Hamilton doesn't suck this year so by the end of the year the 'Cats numbers will be up. Have faith.

Ya think?

There's that and the cessation of handing out freebies.

Our announced attendance of 20k is complete bs, clearly there was only around 14k in the stands for both games, if that.

I think announced attendance is tickets sold and not bums in the seats.

Why is there 6000 no shows each game, and why is it the exact same 'paid' attendance for each game?