at the moment

according to live, bombers scored 19 in second Q, and 19 plus 10 equal 23 :roll:

its small thing I know, but still, ya dont see it happen on

been watching a while to see if they going to correct it, but doesnt seem like they going to bother.

I gave up on using the live score thing a long time ago. It was always many minutes behind and frequently incorrect. At one point it had the TiCats winning when they were actually losing.

Lot better in some areas such as for up to date play by play..........I agree though on more work needed like FYB stated.

and the problem is?.......... :stuck_out_tongue:

The heartbreak when I found out the truth.... false hope :frowning: dashed!

Like was stated above; play by play is good, but when a given team scores it's written up as the other team players doing the scoring....... :? Oh well.

keep the faith my friend...keep the faith....we need it for the Argos game this coming week. :smiley:

Oh, the error that I'm talking about happened in the fall of 2010. Bit too late to be keeping faith for that season :slight_smile:

It was the first game of a home-and-away with the Eskimos. We lost the "away" but came back a week later to win the "home", so it wasn't all bad.