At the Grey Cup

So I guess we left too early, hey Kubie? Oh well, when Mrs MadJack decides that she has to go shopping, standing in her way is not something I make a habit of doing. . .

You're a wise man Madjack. :smiley:

Yes, Milt was there, I think around 4. Before that Jovon, Buck and Lapo all showed up to say hello and thank the fans.

Oh, and some good news! They were giving away a set of tickets to the game, and well, Mrs Kubie ran up to the guy that won them. Thankfully he already had tickets, so she bought them there on the spot!!!

So where are you seated?

We are in section 236, row GG, seats 10 and 11

Hope you all have a great time at the game. Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures in Vancouver.

Wish you were here, Blue Blood, you are one Bomber fan that we`d really llike to meet.

and after atteding the festivities today, we had a great evening, hoisting a few with Paul Friesen

Would definitely like to meet you and Mrs. Madjack some day too.

Why does it look so wrong to see the words "great evening" and "Paul Friesen" in the same sentence. :smiley:

Hey Kubie, didn't you already have tickets and if so ,what are you doing with the newly bought pair?

Actually Dan, we didn't have tickets to the game...we were just going to come to Vancouver for the festivities. We booked our trip back in May. Always thinking that if the Bombers made it to the Cup, we'd find tickets...

Madjack, we're in the endzone, lower bowl, section 202...

Haha! My thoughts would expect more of a 'doom and gloom evening'

Kubie, that's great!!! The tickets couldn't go to more deserving fans than Mrs. Kubie and yourself. I envy you ,at the same time that I am happy for you. I'll be watching for you and MadJack in the stands. GO BOBMBERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Dan!!!

Heading out to Blue and Gold House for Breakfast...GO BLUE!!