At the game

I was at the game and living here in Calgary I have been to just about every Lions game since I moved her in 2000 and this is the first one I have left early (in the 4th).Home field advantage on the line and nothing from the D.They had a couple of junior teams playing at half time and I would have taken their D over ours.

If I was Wally I would move Wake from the left to right side back and fourth during the game and teams would not be able to make the adjustment quick enough to double cover him.Any other player and I would say no but I think Wake could adjust easily.It would completely screw up the other teams offense and I think Wake would cream the QB and free up 1 or 2 of the other D line at times as well.

Here is what I really want to discuss as I believe it to be the reason why BC can not advance in the playoffs.I have a serious case of De ja vu with our QB situation.

Bucks ankle is still hampering him.He cannot throw the deep ball.I watched him miss bigtime yesterday with guys behing coverage.If a team cannot stretch the other teams D then it is over as evidensed by yesterdays game where 90% of the plays were 15 yards and under.Most of you probably don't realize that up until midway thru the second quarter Peirce only had 9(thats right)9 yards passing.

Wally I think blew it again(here is my De Ja Vu)by not starting Jackson in the second half.Peirce can't run the ball with his bad shoulder and can't plant with a bad ankle and throw accurately way down field and Wally didn't hedge his bet with Jarious.Anyone seeing a vicious cycle in BC with QB injury issues?

I do.

I'll post a reply.Im new to this forum but I detect a lot of deadwood.If no one else responds to this thread,just like most other threads,then I WILL DELETE.

                 Buck cant see past his nose.Logan and Mullen were basically his main receivers all night.But guess wat?They're not receivers.No one can tell me Buck couldn't find an open receiver downfield.Buck needs more experience and everyone in my little circle in Kamloops was waiting for jarius.
               Jarius won the start from last game.It was a close game until Jarius stepped in against the ARGOS.jARIUS BLEW THEM UP.
          Theres still a semi-final to go.Jarius deserves the start.Theres still a Grey cup within reach.C'mon Wally,make the changes.Or are you right behind Don Mathews.Too old.
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I agree with you guys too. But I think Wally will start Buck. However if Buck does not get it going by the end of the first quarter, I think he should be pulled in favour of J.J. Remember J.J. seems to play better when he comes in on relief. I don't have a good feeling about Buck playing the entire game without getting hurt. In order for him to stay healthy he has to get the ball away quickly (A.K. Burris), even if it is up in the stands on occassion (Sask. fans will really like that!). No matter who starts, I just hope they can get it together as a team, everyone contribute and play like they can and we will be O.K. :rockin: