At the end of the day.....we still love our Tiger-Cats

.....seriously, even our brutally angry posts are still fun "s.h.i.t.e".........admit it :lol:

.......I will always love my Tiger-Cats because the team has been part of my life since birth.

Hang in there Bob......we're good! :wink:

I just don't know what to say anymore. I'm now to the point that I no longer wear my Ticat shirts as I hate the hassles I get. And after last weeks performance I PVR'd today's game and went out shopping, only to come home and see on line that they lost. So I promptly deleted the game.

As much as I love the's more that I love the teams that used to be. And I'm drifting away from this team....losing patience and beginning to not care.

A person can only put up with soooo much crap and then decide...enough. Somehow this organization just doesn't seem to want to win or is so full of incompetent boobs that for every one foot forward they take.....they take two steps back.

I'm not proposing that they revamp the coaching staff as at some point you need to develop some consistency but really....I can't help but look at the players we've released as they were deemed not good enough only to see them play well on better teams.

Ugh...I'm rambling now. Told you I didn't know what to say. Good luck with the rest of the season Tiger Cats and fans.

Wallace, you and I and deerhunter still want to care, it's just really testing us at this point.

We can stay strong together!

Now if the players could feel the same way....?

Haha, I thought this post was started by "Bruce the 13th Man".

Yeah, we still love our Ti-cats but watching today's game was the first time in the season that I actually started to feel numb and indifferent. Usually I get mad when things start falling apart but when Burris threw the pick 6 or Bakari Grant dropped his fourth pass I was actually laughing and truly didn't care how bad we got blown out anymore. This was the game that pretty much sealed the fate of the season.

Someone in another thread said it best as to what I'm experiencing....."emotionally detached".

Scary thing is....that's the last thing a team needs of it's fans. So this organization better get it's head out of it's ass and figure things out and fast. I'm tired of the constant shuffling of coaches and players throughout and during the last 10 to 12 seasons. It's as if they keep shaking things up hoping that dumb luck will provide the right coach with the right player at the right time.

I loved the Cats. Sadly our relationship needs some counselling.

Why? The team is indifferent so why should the fans be any different. These guys came up totally flat today. Their heads weren't in the game at all---no rush, dropped balls, no gang tackling, high school tackling, no fight in 'em.....

An Argo-Cat fan

Our Cats are just not very good as a team. But gotta love them, you bet, as poor as they are. :thup:

I respect every player that puts on the Black and Gold and puts in an honest days work. I could live with a team of guys that show up with their lunch pails and pour their heart and soul into the game... win or lose.

That will never change.


Due to the lack of success on the field it's becoming harder and harder to "care". I can't put into words what I'm trying to say other than... I will always be a huge Tiger-Cats fan I just lost the hope of ever getting over that hump.

I find it hard to care every year we hear next season will be better. Every year we sign some big name free agents and as a fan I get excited. After game 3 or 4 our true colours show and we are an awful team to watch. This season I am finding it harder and harder to spend a Friday night indoors to even watch them play on TV. Each season outside of 2004 I have began to lose more and more interest in this team. I have gone from a season ticket holder to multi season games to now randomly going when its free. Sadly I do not want to part with my hard earned money on a product that doesn't give me the satisfaction it used to. I was a season ticket holder in 96 and stopped around 2006. Began multi season games until 2008 and since then now only going when its free.

it's a love/hate relationship to be honest.

There is a ton of love in the offseason when the hopes are high, the optimism is high, the free agents we sign are the greatest ever, etc.

Then the season starts and we hate the Cats, we hate their record, we hate the head coach, we hate the QB, we hate the DC, we hate how the season ended, we hate the start times of games, we hate the day of the week of games, we hate the schedule, we hate the GM etc.

Once the season is done, repeat.